2021 August Newsletter


It has been nine weeks now in lockdown. Six with no racing and no contact with our fellow Legends. SO:

  1. ZOOM MEETING: We need to see each other. ZOOM MEETING NEXT THURSDAY THE 12TH OF AUGUST @ 19H00. Zelda from Zwartkops will send out the invitation. PLEASE JOIN US!
  2. Racing Calendar for the remainder of 2021 is as follow:
  • 11th September – Zwartkops Raceway – All Legends (ISP, Trans-Am, Pre69 Le Mans Sports & GT, Legend Saloons & U2
  • 16th October – Redstar Raceway – Only LITTLE Giants and U2
  • 13th November – Zwartkops Raceway – Replacement of August Dezzi Event – All Legends

  1. SAVE THE DATE: Passion for Speed 28th/ 29th/ 30th January 2022. If all goes well spectators and some Internationals will be able to attend the event. The second event will depend on international support in the first week of February.

  1. The way forward with Legends and new initiatives
  1. RIP: We remember those:
    • Vic Peachey
    • Stan Weston
    • Kevin Miller
    • Kevin Jenkins
    • Tony Taylor
    • Dick Schuttle
    • Chris Carlisle-Kitz

Look Forward to seeing you!

Peter du Toit

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