Why should there be a Zwartkops?



During the period 1988 to 1995 Zwartkops Raceway proved beyond doubt that the Pretoria / Centurion venue was viable. The facility was supported by the public and proved to be very popular with competitors and associated sponsors.

The new Zwartkops International Raceway – completion February 2001
  • The new facility will comprise an international standard race track of 2.5km in length
  • The circuit is designed along the latest in world racing circuits i.e. on the American “Amphitheatre” concept whereby 70% of the circuit is visible to spectators
  • The focus of the new Zwartkops Raceway is on spectator viewing and facilities
  • The venue and layout has been subjected to extensive acoustical environmental testing
  • The facility is to be build for the sole use of high speed motoring both in the form of competition and driver development.
  • The site, which is in close proximity to the highest population density in South Africa, is fully proclaimed for the use of motor sport.

Why Zwartkops?


Home of Motorsport

Gauteng is the heart of motor sport in South Africa. Some 76% of circuit racing license holders live in Gauteng. At national level the figure is 80%. Some 60% of these license holders are not being provided for a consistent, public support, circuit availability and dignified way.


South African motor racing has lost considerable public support (physical attendance and TV viewership) in recent years. A Gate of 30 000 people would mean some 12 000 vehicles passing through the gate which on present circuit infrastructure would take up to ten hours to enter the facility. It is doubtful if there is a circuit in South Africa which could park 8 000 vehicles and effective access system. It is the view of Zwartkops Raceway that motor racing in South Africa will not survive commercial sponsorship without public support.


Zwartkops Raceway will make available up to 50% of equity of the total facility to empowerment groups. Unless South Africans of all races become actively involved in the field of mobile technology (of which motor sport forms significant part), motor racing will be at risk of being enclave of exclusive activity. Only through actual ownership, participation in management, promotion and competing will all races become part of motor sport.

International Events

Zwartkops Raceway will promote international events. These events will be practical and involve the participation of South Africans. These events will also complement existing racing formulas and stimulate the sport. Every major sport in South Africa has internationalized itself in recent years barring motor racing.


Given the above, Zwartkops Raceway will give you the finest bit of tarmac and the greatest racing experience in the world.

Zwartkops Raceway is for the benefit of all South Africans. By its stated objectives and focus on practical yet high value events, all racing circuits, competitors and sponsors will enhance their respective interests.