20 April 2024 Historic/ Inland Championship

On the 20th of April at Zwartkops Raceway had a very small entry on the line for Pre-1974 International Sport racing Prototypes. There were several reasons for this. There were some conflicting events like Karting, Red Star Raceway, and an airshow at Wonderboom and a good number of our competitors were offshore. We initially expected 23 entries then this came down to 15 entries, and on race day only 8! Whilst there were many valid reasons for this small grid… Read More

21st Passion for Speed – 28th & 29th January 2022

The Great Legends – Little, Big and Icons brought the dynamics and battles of past to Zwartkops on the day. The public support of cars and drivers could be heard and seen all around Zwartkops. Thank you, Legends, for your support: Little Giants Pre 1969 Production cars International Sports Racing Prototypes The 21st South African Tourist Trophy The Trans-AM cars of the late 1960’s and, The beginning of a Speed Demonstration of the Greats of the Past.   Highlights of… Read More

The Golden Eagle Trophy

The Golden Eagle Trophy

The Golden Eagle Trophy This year marks the 21st year of the David Piper/ Passion for Speed at Zwartkops Raceway. The Legends of the 9 Hour Series has over the years had racing some of the greatest icons of the Golden 1960’s when Production Sports & GT cars were even more popular than Formula One.  We have experienced in action Ferrari F4’s, GTO, Ford Cobra, Lola T70’s, the P4 Ford which was meant to take over from the immortal Ford… Read More

Legends Newsletter 1 of 2022

The Giants of Production Car Racing For 21 years Zwartkops International World of Motoring will celebrate some of the greatest icons of the Golden Age of motor racing the 1960’s The Series embraces the giants of American racing in South Africa.  Who can ever deny the big red Galaxie in the 1963 9 Hour.  Paul Hawkins, Jack Sears, and Bobby Olthoff won the 1965 National Production Car Championship.  This 500HP two-ton brute is a challenge on its own.  It cannot… Read More

Legends Newsletter 10 of 2021

2021 December Newsletter  GREETINGS To all the great Legends of the 9 HOUR™ may you, your family and racing ambitions be richly blessed by the festive season and get ready for a racing 2022. Please see the final attached racing calendar for 2022: All Legends (Excluding ISP) All Legends (Excluding ISP)   2022/01/29 Zwartkops Raceway All Legends 2022/03/05 Red Star Raceway All Legends (Excluding ISP) 2022/04/09 Dezzi Raceway All Legends 2022/05/21 Zwartkops Raceway All Legends 2022/07/16 Phakisa Raceway All Legends… Read More