Legends Newsletter 08 - 2018

Legends Newsletter 08 – 2018

Midvaal – 7th July 2018 “A Full Cycle” A track with a difference – the other way around. A first-time experience for the Legends Series. Your chairman was associated with Midvaal when a provisional concept of its establishment was formed in 1986. The layout was more or less what transpired in 1989 except that the pits were in the centre of the circuit (midway down the main straight) and the direction was anti-clockwise as in more recent times. The field… Read More

New overall lap record - Spectacle at Zwartkops - 9 June 2018

New overall lap record – Spectacle at Zwartkops – 9 June 2018

Historic, bikes and endurance racing wows Zwartkops crowd A combination of Historic, Endurance and Motorcycle racing kept a sizeable Zwartkops crowd fully entertained on Saturday, when the venue hosted its 2018 Winter Challenge event. Topping the offerings was a four-hour race – round three of this year’s Mopar Endurance championships for sports and saloon cars. Spectators who stayed for the second half of the event witnessed the quickest race lap of Zwartkops’ history, when Gavin Cronje blasted the Simon Murray… Read More

Hot racing at Zwartkops Winter Challenge - 9 June 2018

Hot racing at Zwartkops Winter Challenge – 9 June 2018

The Zwartkops Raceway near Pretoria will host a wide variety of competition on four and two wheels, including the circuit’s only Endurance race of the year, this Saturday (June 9). Top billing on the programme will belong to two races for SKF Pre-1966 Legend Saloon Cars, with top contenders Hennie Groenewald (Mercury Comet), Peter Lindenberg (Shelby Mustang), Mark du Toit (Ford Fairlane), Jeff Kruger (Chevelle), Jonathan du Toit (Chev Nova) and Ben Morgenrood (Ford Mustang). Starting behind the big cars,… Read More

Bryant Cobra 2006 Zwartkops, 2005 Goodwood, 2017 Goodwood

Legends Newsletter 05 – 2018

Lifting the Benchmark to a Higher Level On reviewing a publication which we published on Legends at our 2008 International Zwartkops we were amazed to find the format of the day was largely the same as in 2018. “So, what’s new” I took out my Goodwood revival books of 2003 and the most recent 2017 and you guessed it… Nothing has changed the main line categories are all still the same and other than production cars the competitors and cars… Read More