Tanya Human - CEO - Zwartkops Group

New Dawn for Zwartkops

We announce with confidence and pleasure that Tanya Human has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Zwartkops Group from 1st June 2021. Tanya Human is focused on meeting Zwartkops’ strategic objectives of making the Zwartkops facility practical, affordable and accessible to the motoring needs of all South Africans. Zwartkops International World of Motoring stakeholders, the du Toit family, Luendo Holdings our BEE partners, and the Zwartkops Owners (ZOC) congratulate Ms Human on her new appointment. We have the utmost… Read More

Wednesday Testing Sessions as from 1 June 2020

The Emergency Automotive Regulations (Regulation 11111 of 12 May 2020) issued by the Minister of Trade and Industry, made provision for the operation of vehicle test centers in support of the automotive industry. The interpretation and application of the regulations are set out in a Protocol commissioned and compiled by the controlling body for motorsport in South Africa, Motorsport South Africa (MSA) and endorsed by senior legal counsel. This protocol will be used at each of these race circuits around… Read More

Participative Motoring is a major industry in South Africa which provides employment to over a 100000 people

Participative Motoring is a major industry in South Africa which provides employment to over a 100000 people

Our technology advancements, skills development programs, driver training programs, employment equity is all an essential component of the South African fabric and economy When people hear Zwartkops Raceway they mostly associate the name with motorsport but that could not be further from the truth. Zwartkops Raceway has been the cornerstone of Participative Motoring in South Africa for well over a decade now. Even though motorsport is a great part thereof, it should not be forgotten that Participative Motoring comprises of… Read More

Zwartkops is Open

It is important that we all stand together and keep the momentum going. Competitors, sponsors, corporates and site tenants need this. In order to comply with statutory requirements there will be no MSA sanctioned events at this stage. However, we will keep activity on and around the track going. Each event will be restricted to about 50 entrants. Pits will be spread out and all sanitization requirements will be met. The following events are being planned between now and the… Read More

Zwartkops Raceway – COVID 19 NOTICE

As of Sunday, 15th March 2020 a National state of health emergency was declared by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Zwartkops Raceway IS implementing the following precautions with immediate effect: All who come on-site will be required to sanitize their hands at the main gate Soap, water and hot air hand dryers will be available in all bathrooms Catering staff will be required to wear masks and gloves at all times Gathering of more than 100 people will be restricted   With… Read More