“Participative Motoring for all South Africans”
“Zwartkops – The first Black Economic Empowered Race Track and Motoring Venue”
Zwartkops embraces all aspects of motoring in South Africa, including:
  • Driving & riding instruction
  • Advanced driver education
  • Product evaluation & testing
  • International 4X4 motoring
  • World karting
  • Domestic and international motorsport

We aim to reach all South Africans through fully integrated participation programmes, taken to all the important market centres in Southern Africa.

These objectives will be achieved through the world class Zwartkops facility which comprises of:
  • The most advanced and biggest advanced driver education centre in Africa.
  • An environmentally friendly 4X4 driver training and vehicle evaluation facility.
  • The only internationally licensed kart circuit in South Africa – rated as one of the finest in the world. Cars and motorcycles also use the circuit for advanced driver education and product evaluation.
  • An international FIA High Speed Circuit for motorsport, advanced driver training, product demonstration and testing.


Zwartkops International World of Motoring has been established in the interest of all aspects of motoring in Southern Africa. Recognizing that a large portion or our population was previously excluded from access to motoring infrastructure, Zwartkops and in particular the du Toit family resolved to transfer an initial 20% of equity to a Black Economic Empowerment company. This empowerment transaction is a first for a motoring facility. The principal shareholders of Zwartkops International World of Motoring are:

  • Du Toit family 80%

All told Zwartkops International will be a 50/50% partnership with all South Africans. The participative owners of Zwartkops International World of Motoring are one of the most unique business enterprise initiatives in Africa.

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