Bryant Cobra 2006 Zwartkops, 2005 Goodwood, 2017 Goodwood

Legends Newsletter 05 – 2018

Lifting the Benchmark to a Higher Level On reviewing a publication which we published on Legends at our 2008 International Zwartkops we were amazed to find the format of the day was largely the same as in 2018. “So, what’s new” I took out my Goodwood revival books of 2003 and the most recent 2017 and you guessed it… Nothing has changed the main line categories are all still the same and other than production cars the competitors and cars… Read More

Legends Newsletter 04 – 2018

Zwartkops – 7th April 2018 A good day with a good response from the public, particularly the Legends Series The sight and sound of the Thundering Herd is pure magic. They produced spectacular racing.  A yellow Barracuda (Jeff Kruger), a big red Galaxie (Lee Thompson).  The red/white Nova (Jonathan du Toit) and then the two ultra-competitive Mustangs of Peter Lindenberg and Ben Morgenrood stole the show!  Despite restrictors and starting from the back, Ben Morgenrood won from Peter Lindenberg’s Mustang. … Read More

SKF Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars - Photograph by Paul Blackburn

Legends Newsletter 03 – 2018

Historic Racing in South Africa There are Rules! “Historic Racing Rules are more complicated than National Polo Challenge Regulations.  Historic Racing is not a single make formula” The historic technical passport (HTP) is a valuable document which has to be respected. National Regulations             Pre’1966/68 Sports & GT             Pre’1966 Production Cars             Pre’1974 ISP/ Trans-AM These National Regulations have been in place for some five years and, except for a few minor adjustments have not changed.  There have been… Read More

Pre-1990 Sports & GT, SKF Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour and LITTLE Giants - Photograph by Paul Blackburn

Legends Newsletter 02 – 2018

REDSTAR – 10th March 2018 Combined Legends event with Pre’1990 Sports & GT Some 20 cars qualified, headed by the Pre’1990 Porsches of Peter Jenkins and Wynand vd Merwe followed by Richard Schuhart and George Avvakoumides.  Peter won the first heat from Wynand with only a 1.4sec difference.  In 2nd heat Peter outbreaked himself into turn 2 – so Wynand won from Richard, George. In the Legends category Jono in the Nova was quickest 2,15.5 – Jono got this down… Read More

SKF Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars - Photograph by Paul Blackburn

Legends Newsletter 01 – 2018

The 2018 Passion for Speed Zwartkops Raceway/ Killarney The 2018 Passion for Speed drew 24 International Historic Car and 8 Classic TT Motorcycle competitors.                                                The 17th David Piper/ Passion for Speed event at Zwartkops was an enduring weekend of action with cars, bikes and importantly the interaction of people, young and old, with cars, heroes, participants and the motorsport fraternity.  Amongst the full programme of events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the features were the VW Celebrity Challenge (aces of… Read More

Legends Newsletter 11 – 2017

Thank you SKF for your 2017 support of the Legends of the 9 HOUR and your commitment for 2018!!   Content: Hail the Champions Support our Champions on awards day Sunday, 10th December at ZOC Kyalami, 2nd December 2017 International – 26/27/28 January 2018; Cape Town a week later Profile of Legends 2018 Let’s preserve our heritage 2018 Regulations and Sporting Regulations Calendar 2018 Cars for Sale Question: Would you build this unique historic car which attracts huge public interest… Read More