Passion for Speed - 2023


Great Legends in Action

Greetings, May 2023 be a year of action for great cars, great drivers, and great events. It all starts at Zwartkops on the 27th and 28th of January. And in Cape Town on the 3rd and 4th of February.

Updates on the Zwartkops Raceway Track

The track has been resurfaced from turn 1 to turn 4 (halfway up the hill). The rest is scheduled for November 2023. This will ensure that Zwartkops will be good for racing and driving experiences for the next 20 years. The skidpan has also been resurfaced.

The 22nd Passion for Speed 27th & 28th of January 2023

We have international competitors from Europe with their cars. Ford GT40s, Lotus, and a McLaren Can-AM. The first since 2012 when Michiel Champania brought the giant-killing McLaren MK8F. There should also be a few international drivers racing South African cars. Having international competitors is still a nightmare from the U.K Shipping time is now over three months! The Brexit Tax laws are making it impossible to secure competitors from the British Isles.

Killarney 3rd & 4th February 2023

We will be joining the Power tour with this event over this weekend. A prologue event and then a 45-minute Tourist Trophy. The Tourist Trophy will be open to all historic competitors with HTPs A, B, C, D. No invitation cars. So, a 1990 Historic racer will be eligible with an open tyre option. This event includes Index of Performance.

Amendments to the 2023 Regulations

The regulations have been published, there is some confusion as to Class D Trans-AM competitors. Pre 1990 will be included with Legends (Pre 1970) events with a cut-off Zwartkops time of 75.5 Seconds. The reason for this is speed differential and competitive racing. The amended regulations will be published on our website.

Calendar for 2023

  • 27th & 28th January – International Passion for Speed
  • 2 & 3rd February   – Killarney Racetrack?
  • 4th March – Red Star Raceway (Little Giants & U2)
  • 11th March – Zwartkops Raceway (ISP/ TA, Legends V8’s & Sports & GT)
  • 15th April – Zwartkops Raceway (All Legends)
  • 3rd June – Phakisa Freeway (Little Giants & U2)
  • 5th August – Red Star Raceway (Little Giants & U2
  • 19th August – Zwartkops Raceway (ISP/ TA, Legends V8’s & Sports & GT)
  • 23rd September     – Zwartkops Raceway (All Legends)


Please refer to the website. No historic racers are excluded however, there is a grading system. This is essential as South African historics have moved away from originality through diversity of various regulations and for practical reasons as to the availability of original parts. In some instances, owners have even developed cars with the intent of absolute advantage. It is in the DNA of historics to reproduce cars that are original or re-constructed with original parts, profile etc. to compete with cars that are modified beyond the mechanical specification of the period.

For the 2023 HTP John Ten is our technical consultant and will be issuing HTPs on Sunday 22nd January 2023 or Friday the 27th at Zwartkops (before Official qualifying).

Technical Issues

The ramification of the Covid lockdown is still very much with us. Importing parts, not to mention tyres, is a nightmare. Tyres are a major issue. Zwartkops is working with ATS and Bridgestone for bulk imports. These will only arrive in six months. In the meantime, let us share with what we have. This also applies to certain engine/ gearbox parts.

In Memorandum

We lost two great friends in November last year.

Paddy Venske – There is hardly a category in which Paddy was involved including holding official positions in MSA. More recently Paddy chaired Midvaal Historics and KZN Historic initiatives.

Adrian Phiefer – Many up North did not know Adrian. He was a very competitive racer in the sixties. He raced a Cooper, Alfa, Lotus Cortina (ex van Rooyen’s car) and (Lotus 23). In recent years he did a sterling job at WMPC as a media and public relations officer. He retired only three years ago.

Our Awards Invitation

See you at Zwartkops

Peter du Toit

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