After some 20 years, the Bryant Cobra won the Revival Pre 1966 Goodwood Tourist Trophy for GT Cars. This cobra must surely be one of the most dramatic and powerful Cobras in the world. The Bryant family have had the worst of luck at Goodwood. They have always been upfront but before the flag falls it has been one disappointment after another. Blow-ups, crashes, E-Type Jaguars, highly developed Cobra’s beating them to the line. On Sunday the 19th of September, they did it with Oliver Bryant and Darren Turner winning by the smallest of margins. It is the very car that made a number of visits to Zwartkops in the early 2000s with Oliver’s dad Graham Bryant. It is one of the greatest cars ever to visit Zwartkops. Graham Bryant was also won our Tourist Trophy in a special Morgan +8 in 2006. The Goodwood Festival this past weekend was massive, and the racing was simply the best.

The car is a tribute car there are no originals left they won the SPA 24 years in 1968. It is a magnificent and will be part of a special high-speed trail at Zwartkops in January. There are some significant cars that will be joining us in this event in January. We have a great heritage of cars that need to be seen on track.

Zwartkops 11th September

The Legends Production Cars, U2 and LITTLE Giants were all under one umbrella for this event.

Mark put the Fairlane on pole, but then was served with a two-place grid penalty. Peter Lindenberg led the way. The pace in the first heat was unbelievable with these cars lapping Zwartkops at 71.5 seconds. They were very close, and something had to give and it did… The green Fairlane always has issues and this time the ignition disconnected at a critical moment coming out of turn 8. Jonathan’s Nova hit the Fairlane very hard which put Mark straight into the wall. Mark’s back took the punch keeping him out of the Sports & GT event.

Peter won with Jonathan second. Paige Lindenberg won class B with her Fairlane and Marc Miller took U2 honours followed by Francesco Lombardi and John Simpson. Gary Stacey won heat one of LITTLE Giants from Terence Botes Mini Cooper. In the second heat, Ben van der Westhuizen won LITTLE Giants with Terrence second and Gary third. John Ten made the Protea look great in class B and won from Brian Rowlings magnificent Anglia.

Newcomer Nicolas Christofides took over the yellow Alfa No5 and from the back of the grid and came home 3rd in class B a great drive.

All combined we had only ten entries. Oliver Dalais in his silver GT40 had a close win over Peter Bailey in his Porsche 911 in the second heat. Mark had recovered sufficiently to win the race from Oliver with Jonathan 3rd in the blue Daytona. James Temple won the Le Mans Sebring class overall on the day. Class B honours went to Djurk Venter in his Shelby Cobra.


We are now confident that we will have a public gallery in January. International competitors are a few from Europe but the U.K is stalemate at this stage. We must make the most of our 21st celebration. All hands-on deck! We will also be changing the format of the event and will be including at least two new unique events.

We need Legends to respond. Legends and our series are the product of the David Piper International which come with the new Zwartkops in 2001. Every event has been a great motorsport experience. The 21st must be the ultimate in race day.

Future Events:

  • 16th October 2021: Red Star Raceway – U2 and LITTLE Giants
  • 13th November 2021: Zwartkops Raceway – SEASON FINALE ALL LEGEND CATEGORIES

The 13th November will be a special day for Peter Lindenberg. He is retiring as a driver but not Lindenberg Racing. Special celebration event – 50 years of boating and racing.

2022 Regulations

Our regulations remain largely unchanged. Sporting regulations will be amended the most important is the reduction in cut-off times for the big V8’s production saloons. These cars are now doing 71s which is untenable. They must be brought back to 75s where there is a level playing field.

See you at Zwartkops!

Peter du Toit

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