Legends of the 9 Hour ISP-2014-06-07-310.jpg Pre-1974 ISP and Pre-1974 Trans-Am and Consolidated Auctioneers Pre-77 Sports & GT and Classic ThoroughBred - Photograph by Paul Blackburn

Kyalami 7th of March 2015 – High Profile Legends in Action

Legends Sports and GT

Castrol Magnatec
The pre 1974 International sports racing prototypes and pre 1966/68 Le Mans/ Sebring categories were combined to focus on the great mid-sixties to early seventies 9 Hour cars. Colin Clay was in a class of his own in the big green Pim Pieterse Lola MK3B.
He was however not that far ahead of the Neil Lobb Gunston Lola and Jonathan du Toit Chevron B8. This was a good race until the Lola’s brakes faded… Mark’s Lola Spyder then took up the challenge and closed on Jonathan in the little red Chevron.

George Avvakoumides won the ISP/ Le Mans GT class, followed by Hermann Kluge Porsche RSR. From the back of the grid came Shayne Frost in the blue Ford GT40 to finish 8th and then Dennis McBeath in the MPiti followed by Uli Sanne in his group 5 BMW. Uli was slowed by a deflating tyre towards the end of the race. Hennie Groenewald group 5 Datsun 240Z and Colin Frost’s Porsche 917 retired. The former with engine trouble and the latter with electrical problems. The Sports and GT cars are still battling with post International maladies. Oliver Dalais’ GT40 and Porsche 917 engines, Mark Lauth’s Lola T70 gearbox, Trans Africa Racing Daytona’s, the Cobras of Hinckley, Gary Swan (out on display) Lombard’s (blown engine) and Alan Garrow (hurt shoulder) the Elan of Josh Dovey (gearbox) Franco Resca blown motor, MGB GT etc.
The second heat of the Sports and GT cars was cancelled as competitors were caught short with an unexpected rain shower. Cars suitable for this race were about five which would have resulted in nothing more than a slow wet race. Full points will however be awarded for those who participated on the day.

Pre 1966 – Legend Production Cars

SKF Racing
The three leading cars were reduced to two when the Cavalieri Galaxie non started. Franco Scribante raced in the Champion of Champions category (72 second specifications) so it was left to the Chev Nova and Chev Chevelle of the two du Toit’s. Jonathan got away from Mark who was battling to select gears which should have given the Alfa’s of Colin Ellison and Roy Prando the chance of beating number 13.
As it turned out Colin’s car did not start the second heat, and honours went to Roy Prando who wore Mark down with identical lap times and came second overall on the day plus a class win.

The Pre 1966 under 2 litre class/ Production Cars

Legends-2015-01-31-086.jpg SKF Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars - Photograph by Paul Blackburn This is where the real battles took place. The great Alfa action of Patrick Gearing, Marc Miller, our champion Larry Davies, Roger Houston (in his newly acquired Giulia) is where it all happened. In the first heat it was Patrick Gearing who beat Marc Miller, in the second the order was reversed with Marc ahead. Overall it was Patrick by a second. A little way back it was Larry Davies and Roger Houston at each other. A magnificent performance, the only disappointment was Trevor Tuck’s Alfa Ti which developed engine problems in the first heat. Some serious development will have to take place in the BMW and Lotus Cortina camp to keep the Alfa’s honest. It could also come from the little Datsun Sunny of Andy Gossman.

Pre 1966/68 LITTLE Giants

Castrol Magnatec
The older I get, the faster I become would be the motto of Ishmael Baloyi in his 1959 Alfa Dart. He won the Sports and GT category by a fair margin heading Les McLeod (MGB) and Josh Dovey (Healey Sprite) and Neil Oosthuizen (Alfa Spyder).
Little-Giants-2015-01-31-511.jpg SKF Pre-1966 "Little Giants" Productions & Sports Cars - Photograph by Paul Blackburn In class G it was Andre de Kock who took overall honours ahead of Clive Winterstein’s Porsche 356A. Overall LITTLE Giants honours went to Marco Taylor in the Alfa GT from Jacques Baartman and Terence Botes Mini Cooper.
Little-Giants-2015-01-31-493.jpg SKF Pre-1966 "Little Giants" Productions & Sports Cars - Photograph by Corne Britz It was really good to see the MG Magnet of Robin Clark on track and take class honours. A class award also went to Jaco Taylor Snr in his GT Junior. The most serious incident on the day was when Francesco Lombardi had an off in turn 12 and hit the barriers. The Alfa is seriously damaged. We really hope that it can be fixed. The car and driver are quick. They qualified 9th overall on Saturday morning.


Carel Pienaar - Lotus Cortina
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with Clive Rice and his family as he undergoes medical treatment for a brain tumour. We pray for a full recovery and that we will see him racing his Cobra again.
  • Terry Wilford: Has purchased and rebuilding the 1973 Automa to race in ISP.
  • There is another Lola T70 in the pipeline
  • Nick Parrot’s V8 Rover is happening as is the Barracuda of Keith Hinckley, the Studebaker GT of Willie Hepburn.
  • The FIA Mustang should be racing by July.
  • Another under 2 litre BMW is being built up – there is also the prospect of a 1966 BMW Cheetah.
  • Carel Pienaar (who is not an Alfa fan) is building a serious Lotus Cortina.
  • Marc Miller has taken up a contract in Saudi Arabia for six months. We will miss him and his competitive presence in U2. Whilst we wish him well, we do look forward to his return before the end of the year.

Dezzi Raceway – Port Shepstone – 11 April

This is an important event and will herald the first full road race meeting at this exciting new track in KZN. We need as many Legends on the grid as possible.
ISP-2015-01-31-206.jpg Castrol Magnatec Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes - Photograph by Paul Blackburn Le-Mans-2014-06-07-060.jpg Trans Africa Racing Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT - Photograph by Paul Blackburn
1958 / 1974 The Great Years of South African Motor Racing.

1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars
Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT
Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes
Pre-1966/68 Little Giants Production Sports & GT Cars
Pre-1966 under 2 litre Production Cars
Pre-1971 Campion of Champions Production Cars

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