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Marlboro Crane Hire was founded in 1992 as a lifting solutions enterprise, initially serving the mining, construction, and industrial sectors. Their excellent products and hands-on professional crane hiring services have earned a fast-growing and sustained expansion of the crane fleet, portfolio diversity and regional footprint. From small beginnings, Marlboro has grown to one of South Africa’s largest and leading lifting equipment hiring enterprises. The Legends of the 9 HOUR™ thanks another Legend: Marlboro Crane Hire. “South Africa’s no 1 Crane hiring company.”

Our Revised Racing Dates for 2021 are as follows:

NOTE: There could be changes as a result of changes at the festival of speed in August

2021/03/06 Historic/ Inland Redstar Raceway       X X
2021/03/13 Regional Festival Zwartkops Raceway   X X    
2021/04/17 National Festival Zwartkops Raceway       X X
2021/05/22 Regional Festival Zwartkops Raceway X X X X X
2021/06/19 Passion for Speed Zwartkops Raceway X X X X X
2021/08/07 Historic/ Inland Dezzi Raceway       X X
2021/09/11 Historic/ Inland Zwartkops Raceway       X X
2021/10/16 Historic/ Inland Redstar Raceway X X X X X

Please Note:


WHEN: Tuesday 9th of March 2012

TIME: 19:00

All Legends Categories

Historic Technical Passports

For the Legends series, our appointed technical consultants will be on-site on nominated SuperTrax days or on the Fridays before official practice.

Please note the following:

  1. There is an MSA requirement that all HTP documentation must be submitted “in-person” 14 days before an official event. This, for obvious reasons, is not possible plus the fact that the administrative burden has now become unbearable. The Legends of the 9 Hour racing club will attend to the matter as follows:
    1. Where the car has an existing HTP and number we will send the HTP to MSA for recording and stamping from the Zwartkops office.
    2. All Legends cars (per the Historic commission) must be bought to the track and signed off by our technical consultants: John Ten and Brian Cook. This can be done before official practice on Friday or Saturday. These HTP’s (Previously registered HTP’s) will only go to MSA after the event. This issue will be handled by the Legends Racing Club.
    3. Where there is a new registration for an HTP, these will have to be done two weeks before the event as a Legends representative will have to take the documentation to MSA for verification and get a number. This is quite a procedure, but this is what the Historic commission decided. How the other Historic categories are going to handle this documentation far away (Country Members) remains to be seen.
  1. Technical Modifications

The Legends series caters for racing up to 1975 plus some (ISP) up to 1980. This is a difficult series to monitor as it covers some 30 years of cars raced from 1950 to 1980.

Our technical regulations have remained essentially unchanged since the series started in the early 2000s. Since then, our dates and safety issues plus engine capacities (in the interests of cost and availability) have been adjusted. We must always bear in mind that Historic Racing must comply with the rules and regulations of the period. In fact, there should be no rules. The cars race as they were in the period. This is not happing. The real undeveloped cars are parked and form part of private collections and are only seen from time to time at shows and mild demonstrations.

The “Historic” cars racing are very difficult to what they were in the day. The regulations are laid down and adjusted to “profile racing” despite car modifications. Many of our cars quite rightly have upgraded braking systems. However, now some have special brake pads which are used in high-performance contemporary racing cars. There is always the question of electric/ power steering. These are not part of our regulations. However, we need to accept special situations.

  1. Special Dispensation on HTP

Where a car is already registered under the Legends Series but has modifications such as we have with the Porsche 917s, or where the drivers need electric steering because of physical issues, we will issue HTPs but endorsed with an “Invitation” sticker.

The technical consultant will evaluate the technical issue and authorise the eligibility of the car provided that:

  1. The modification does not give an unfair advantage in the series.
  2. The car is raced by that particular driver.
  3. The Legends club member can object, should there be a virtually similar car/ driver who believes that he/ she is being prejudiced.

The “Invitation” dispensation will (as with all HTP’s) be renewed every year.

  1. Consultation

Historic Racing must now rank the 4th biggest “public interest” motor racing in the world. We are fortunate in South Africa to have representative grids. Our Historic Racing Series has stimulated private enterprise and an incredibly unique and important industry. It ticks every box that our President Cyril Ramaphosa referred to in his SONA. We are unique. Let’s support Legends and promote our heritage of age of “Four on the floor and go, go, go.”

Peter du Toit

See you at Zwartkops!

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