Extreme Festival
Aerobatic Display by Andrew Blackwood-Murray
Aerobatic Display by Andrew Blackwood-Murray
Great spectacle, a massive rainstorm and some sublime wet-weather driving skills typified round two of this year’s Extreme Festival motorsport tour at the Zwartkops Raceway near Pretoria on Saturday (21 March).

A near cloudburst interrupted proceedings about halfway through the day, leaving some categories opting not to go out on track again, thus causing parts of the programme to be cancelled.
However, the racing that did take place entertained a large crowd to the full.
The bill-topping G&H Transport Extreme Supercar event managed to finish two of its three scheduled races before the rain came.
In the opening race, Charl Arangies used the immense power of his eight-litre, V10-engined Stradale Dodge Viper to sweep past the opposition and win.
He finished ahead of Sav Gualtieri (OKI BMW F30), with Jonathan du Toit (TAR Ferrari 430) another second behind in third place.
Deon du Plessis (BPT KTM X-Bow), Greg Parton (Drizit KTM X-Bow) and Nicky Dicks (Ferrari 430) filled out the top six places.
Race two saw Arangies running out of road while leading, to retire after just one lap.
Sav Gualtieri indulged his BMW in a quick spin to confuse the various front-runners, and Deon du Plessis grabbed the lead in his KTM.
Despite several efforts by Gualtieri, he could not get past the KTM again and Du Plessis hung on to win ahead of Sav, Kris Budnik (BMW M3), Jonathan du Toit, Greg Parton and Nicky Dicks.
Young kart ing ace Julian van der Watt enjoyed a sensational long circuit racing debut by winning his first ever Formula Ford race in an Investchem Mygale.
He was followed by veteran Robert Wolk (Chemical Logistics Mygale), Matthew Merton (Mygale) and Dewald Brummer (MAD Mygale).
Race two was held on a sodden circuit and the experienced Robert Wolk blasted away to win by a wide margin, leading home Nicholas van Weely (Magnificent Paints Van Diemen), Dewald Brummer and Dean Venter (Turnfab Mygale).
Jaco Schriks (FVee) won the first Hankook Formula Vee race from Gert van den Berg (BP Nantes Vee), Brad Beningfield (Nashua Vee) and Alan Holm (Office Direct Vee).
Race two, held in the rain, saw veteran Alan Holm leading throughout, chased by Greg Wilson (Reflex Solutions Vee), Brad Beningfield and Jaco Schriks.
Rory Atkinson (Comsol Polo) won Class A of the opening Comsol VW Challenge race, with Gerhard Henning (Toyota Replacement Polo) the Class B winner, and Henry van Vledder (Golf) taking Class C.
The next race, in the wet, saw James Hurley (Starter Pack Polo), Nic Clarke (Central Technical Polo), and Henry van Vledder taking the victories in Classes A, B and C, respectively.
The two overall Speed and Sound 111 race victories went to Adrian Dalton (Xtra Clothing Golf Turbo) and George Bezuidenhout (Forkman Nissan Primera), respectively, with a few surprise podiums in the wet too.
Alan Eve (Shelby CanAm) won the National Sports Car Challenge Car race from Andrew Strike (Shelby CanAm) and Mark du Toit (Shelby CanAm). SUB10 SB
The Bridgestone BMW Racing brigade also only finished one race, won by Mishal Sing (Tune Tech BMW M3), ahead of Devin Robertson (Big Boss Auto BMW 335i) and Ricky Giannoccaro (G&H Transport BMW M3).

Premier TV show from 21 March

Friday, 10 April 2015 Extreme Festival of Motorsport 18:30 – SS8. Repeats will be sent when we have them.
The next round of the 2015 Extreme Festival series will take place at the Western Cape Killarney on Saturday, April 11.
Story courtesy of Andre De Kock
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