What could have been

The Shelby Daytona Supercoupe

Probably the most provocative Cobra ever…  Never saw the light of day.

The Ultimate Cobra – the final serpentine from Shelby America. Pete Brock began the design late in 1963 on the successor to the Daytona Coupe with a 7-litre engine, designed especially for the Le Mans Mulsanne straight to achieve 225 Mph. Unfortunately, the timing was bad as the Ford Motor Company were by then more interested in developing the GT40.  So, the Super Coupe was stillborn.  Sad but true, a great Super car which never happened.

Somewhere in the deep South of USA this super-snake is alive and well but very shy and hardly ever seen.  So, we will have to be content with the Daytona’s who won the world GT Championship in 1964. The Daytona Coupe No.11 driven in all probability by Mark and Jonathan du Toit entered under the banner of Trans Africa Racing.

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