SKF Legends of the 9 Hour at Zwartkops 1 Feb 2014

SKF Legends of the 9 Hour – The Production street fighters of the Fifties & Sixties What started out as a family saloon soon became the family sports car and then the racers… The SKF Legends of the Nine Hour has a formidable entry for the 1st February at Zwartkops – of man and machine: Just some of the entries: Sarel van der Merwe – 1963 Big Red Ford Galaxie Hennie Groenewald – 1958 Richard Petty Plymouth Fury Mark du… Read More

Team Gunston Tribute at Zwartkops 1 Feb 2014

Team Gunston Tribute at Zwartkops International the 1st of February 2014. South Africa has an illustrious history of involvement with many iconic motor racing events -from the early Grands Prix of the 1930s in East London, the Cape and the Rand to the establishment of one of the ten greatest race events of the 20th century: the South African World Championship Grand Prix. The famous 9 Hour Race meetings and many South Africans’ contributions to contemporary Formula One racing stables… Read More

Genie Pre-1974 ISP at Zwartkops 1 Feb 2014

The Genie Pre-1974 International Sports Racing Prototypes The fastest cars on track at the Passion for Speed on the 1st of February will be the Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes. The leading cars although some 40 years old are the in many instances quicker than our contemporary South African circuit racers. Heading the top class will be the big Lola MK 3 B Lola Coupes of Colin Clay in the green Team Genie car and the Gunston car of Neil Lobb.… Read More

International entries of historic significance at Zwartkops 1 Feb 2014

International entries of historic significance come to South Africa. Special cars from Europe which had a profound impact in South Africa in the 1960’s will be a welcome sight on our grids in February. Amongst some of the imports will be: The ex-works Trevor Taylor, Syd van der Vyver and Nevelle Lederle 1961, Lotus Climax MK21 Formula One. It was this very car that came second to Jim Clark in the 1961 Rand Grand Prize at Kyalami and East London… Read More

Exclusive Ferrari Challenge at Zwartkops 1 Feb 2014

Exclusive Ferrari Challenge Feature of sight and sound – Pablo Clark Ferrari Challenge Ferraris are the colour RED but not all will be red. This exciting new event on the program will feature a race with Ferraris only headed by the 430 Challenge cars of Jonathan du Toit, Franco Scribante and Jonathan Schenkman will head the field. From the UK comes Richard Smeaton in a very special blue and yellow racing 360. They will be strongly challenged by the black… Read More

50 years of Ford Mustangs at Zwartkops 1 Feb 2014

A Celebration of 50 years of racing Ford Mustangs… The Ford Mustang associations and clubs will no doubt be celebrating in 2014 as the year that the iconic Ford Mustang was born. Zwartkops will pay tribute to some seven very special racing Mustangs on the 1st February – “The Passion for Speed Festival”. The Ford Mustang was the brainchild of the “Young Turks” a group of Ford Motor Company US design team rebels under the leadership of one Lee Iacocca.… Read More