Legends of the 9 Hour SKF Racing

Phakisa 16th of August Early Spring Rains and some brave drivers

With difficult economic circumstances, private school holidays and business commitments the Pre 1966 Legend of the 9 Hours Production, Sports & GT cars were combined into one event. This produced a field of 26 cars and some exciting racing.
Practice was very wet Jonathan elected to drive the red Daytona (over his brothers Lola T70) and produced a remarkable time. Next up was Peter Lindenbergs Daytona followed by Clive Densham and Evert Botha.
A Swim to Turn 1
A Swim to Turn 1
A Wet Bunch
A Wet Bunch
Colin Clay had to learn how to drive a Legends Nova in the wet was fifth fastest until the Chev dropped a valve. Patrick Gearings ‘green’ Guilia looked really effective in the wet however, it was Marc Miller in the TAR BMW who really impressed and headed class X by a big margin. Gino Allasio and Larry Davies were some 8/10 seconds off pace. It was great to have Roy Prando’s Alfa GT back which just headed Dennis Mc Beath first of the smaller capacity sports cars. Ferdi Junior had to come to terms with the wet conditions whilst Senior decided not to go out at all – neither did Franco (Mustang) and Chris Myers (TVR Vixen)

Race one:

It was still very wet but this did not stop Jonathan from running away from the field followed by Peter Lindenberg. Franco fought his way from the back to third, but Ferdi Junior was in close company in fact Ferdi was quicker in both races than Franco in the orange Mustang. Clive Densham headed class B in close company with Evert Botha’s class C winning Porsche 911R. Patricks Guilia headed Roy’s Alfa GT (vision problems in the wet.) again Marc Miller showed us what he was capable of in the wet and won class X by a good margin from Gino and Larry. The MG’s were headed by Nic Parrott from Roger Houston. Ishmael’s Dart-Alfa should have been with them but he also had wet vision difficulties and spun a number of times and eventually finished well down in the field. Gary Stacey and Ferdi Senior (Porsche 356) resumed their dice. Brendan Tracey (MGB) and Clive Winterstein brought up the remainder of the field.

Race two:

The track was damp as the rain had stopped but still slippery! Jonathan had a commitment in Johannesburg so he went as fast as he could. This time the Lindenberg Daytona had a real handling problem and dropped back, so the two Mustangs took second and third. They were in close company throughout the race. Evert, Clive, Roy, Patrick, Gino and Marc were all mixed up, the latter two put up a magnificent display with the BMW being pipped on the last lap by Gino now in a fully sorted green Guilia! Gino’s drive earned him driver of the day award. Nic Parrott, Ferdi Senior, and Gary Stacey all took their respective classes.
ALL in all a very good event albeit under wet and cold conditions.
Driver of the Day: Gino Allasio in his class X green Guilia for beating a surprised Marc Miller in the BMW on the last lap.
Rob Gearing BMW
Rob Gearing BMW
Gino at play
Gino at play
2015: Technical and sporting regulations plus event format. Thank you for all those who have given us your input, it is appreciated.
Zwartkops International Passion for Speed Festival 2015 – The negotiation with entries from abroad are in progress. There are some exciting prospective entries, sponsorships however, is an increasing problem.
Peter du Toit Chairman -Legends of the 9 Hour Racing Club.
Legends Series – Points – 2014
Pictures: Dave Hastie
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