Peter Lindenberg won both heats but it was not easy

2021 May Newsletter


16TH – 20TH OF JUNE 2021

Passion for Speed - 2021

Zwartkops is putting all resources behind this event. As a result of the postponement of the January events we were forced to merge this event with our other categories.

In structuring the event we have had to take into account:

  1. Social distancing.
  2. Maximum number of cars on site.
  3. Making Wednesday (Public Holiday) a free open practice day for all confirmed competitors.
  4. Friday practice and qualifying.
  5. Try to limit crossover participation on Saturday to be at the track both days.
  6. Ensure that both days are equal.
  7. Sunday racing, we have tried to avoid. unfortunately, it has become necessary due to lockdown regulations.
  8. Everybody should have the same track time – Sunday. Practice, qualifying, racing and awards.

The cost of the event will be substantially more than a normal race weekend. Television, live streaming, media cost etc.

Covid-19 is a blight on us. However, we would not let this overcome our initiatives and participation.

The Show Must Go On!

I will conduct meditation on Saturday and Sunday morning:



We do not have to be reminded of the fight of South Africa not only the lost years but also to pray for those in office, that South Africa will become a land of reconciliation, peace and prosperity.

22nd May 2021 Historic/ Inland Championship

Our meeting on the 22nd of May once again produced spectacular racing. The big Legends V8’s were tied together. It is a remarkable skill to keep these cars on track racing within millimeters of each other and not bumping. Peter Lindenberg won both heats but it was not easy. Peter won heat one with only 00.307 of a second ahead of Jonathan’s Nova. Jeffrey Kruger in the Chevelle (pole sitter) was third followed by Mark. Jeffrey lead until Peter found a way past. The Chevelle could take Peter on the last lap when the gearbox latterly exploded. Mark’s green Fairlane came in second.

Peter Lindenberg won both heats but it was not easy
Peter Lindenberg won both heats but it was not easy

Marc Miller and Carel Pienaar (Lotus Cortina) were tooth and nail in U2+. Marc Won. Francesco Lombardi lead U2. LITTLE Giants was a John Simpson, Ben van der Westhuizen battle in the 1st heat. Second race and Riaan Lubbe took control. Gary Stacey had tyre problems which relegated him to 4th. The little Protea no 21 (The same number and sister car to the Protea that raced in Grand Central in 1957) won class B from Andre de Kock’s black Dart. The most original car in the event, Clive Winterstein’s Porsche 356 won Class C after the Alfa Sprint of Chad and the Mini of Donovan Meyer retired.

Clive Winterstein’s Porsche 356 won Class C
Clive Winterstein’s Porsche 356 won Class C

It was a good event! Pre–1966/8 Le Mans Sports & GT, Trans-Am and ISP had 16 entries. The Trans Africa Racing (Jonathan) Chevron B8 and (Mark) Lola T70 Spyder led the field by Jeffrey Kruger in Carel Pienaar’s Camaro.

The real excitement came from Peter Bailey (Porsche 911), James Temple (Shelby Daytona) and Lee Thompson (Ford GT40). They put up a tremendous battle followed by George Avvakoumedies, Andre van der Merwe (Porsche RSR’s) then Chad Ten TAR Camaro.

The real excitement came from Peter Bailey (Porsche 911)
The real excitement came from Peter Bailey (Porsche 911)

Class B Shelby Daytona, of Djurk Venter took the honours. An interesting new-comer to the Le Mans/ Sebring group was Marc Miller in the 803 Datsun 240Z. It is certainly great to see all these iconic cars in action and racing in South Africa.

These categories have some 58 cars in our register. We need to see more of them come out of hibernation.

See below results of the current championship battle.

Peter du Toit

See you at Zwartkops Raceway!


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