Midas Historic Tour - 19 September 2015
Legends of the 9 Hour

An important letter to all Legends of the 9 Hour Series.


  1. 2015 in Perspective
  2. Clive Rice
  3. 19th September
  4. Workshop 27th August MSA
  5. 2016 Calendar – Type of Events
  6. 2016 International
  7. Categories.

Legends Newsletter

1. 2015 in Perspective

Our 2015 calendar of events is a bit skewed. Up until the beginning of July we had an event every 3,5 weeks with only two at Zwartkops which put our grids under pressure. In five months we had Zwartkops (2), Kyalami (2), Killarney, Phakisa and Dezzi – heavy going. Statistically there has been so far this year 395 participants however the Zwartkops events accounted for 242 entries leaving an average of 31 for all categories spread over five events. Phakisa was the worst with only 13 on the grid. There are a number of reasons for this which could be summarised as follows:

Legends of the 9 Hour

  • Traveling costs/Entry fees
  • Too many events to close to each other
  • Lack of promotion profile of the event in question
  • Cost of racing historic cars
  • Diversion into other categories
  • The economic times in which live creating not only pressure on family budgets/ sponsorships, but an air of “indifference”

These are all issues which we must address going forward, trying to make our racing as affordable and practical as possible. That being said we have a formula of high public interest. The motoring public identify with us and support our series. We draw attention wherever we go – an aspect which we must continue to motivate. We have a rich heritage on which to capitalise.

Our overall championship classes are presently as follows:

Legends of the 9 Hour

  • Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars
  • Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT
  • Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes
  • Pre-1966/68 Little Giants Production Sports & GT Cars
  • Pre-1966 under 2 litre Production Cars
  • Pre-1971 Champion of Champions Production Cars
  • Pre-1974 Trans-AM.
Clive Rice

2. Clive Rice – Cricket Legend, Racer and Friend

Our dear friend Clive Rice has lost the only battle he would ever lose in life… and it is the one with cancer.

This super soft and greatly competitive soul fought so hard, and stayed as positive as with everything he has ever done in life.

Clive raced in the 80’s and 90’s in a variety of different cars, after what started as a ‘celebrity challenge’ and then aside from the bug biting, his natural talent and skill, his competitive nature just took over and he became a great racing driver.

He then stopped racing for some time…

And in 2012 we got in touch with him to join us at our annual Passion for Speed in 2013. He jumped at the opportunity and joined us here at Zwartkops, where he would once again make his name on the race track, in the white Dart in the Legends series. He not only had fun, did exceptionally well, but also won the hearts of cricket and racing fans alike. From new young fans, to the fans and friends of yester year.

He even bought himself an AC Cobra and joined our Legends series for Sports & GT Cars and came racing more often.

A true gentleman who will be sorely missed by all.

May you race on…

Clive racing the Dart that got him back into racing at the annual Passion for Speed - 2015
Clive's pride and joy, the AC Cobra he bought and raced in the Sports & GT class of the Legends of the 9 Hour series
Legends of the 9 Hour

3. 19th September – Prologue to our International January 2015 – Zwartkops

This is a very important event as we start preparing for our 2016 International.

We, subject to entries, will have a full programme with all the Legends categories.

There may even be a two/three Internationals included in our programme.

4. Workshop, 27th August – MSA

MSA is organising a special strategic workshop for Historic Racing on the 27th August. I and Brian Cook will be attending and will present not only our amended regulations but also motivating issues which we need to address in order to grow Historic Racing and raising our profile. Should there be any aspect which you believe we need to address, please email dutoitpr@mweb.co.za. This could be a very important milestone for Historic Racing in South Africa.

Legends of the 9 Hour

5. 2016 Calendar/Format

This is important as we already alluded to we must focus on keeping the Legends (Historic Racing by its very nature is expensive) as practical and affordable as possible. To this end I would suggest that we consider only six championship rounds: Three @ Zwartkops (excluding the International) and one each @ Kyalami, Dezzi and RedStar/Phakisa.

At this stage Kyalami is an unknown quantity but I assume given the right programme/event just about everybody would want to race on the new circuit. How practical and affordable it will be is another question. RedStar – We, as part of the Historic Tour, have been told that we are racing at this circuit on 28th November. If the circuit is suitable for car racing I assume it will be a round in 2016. We will have to wait and see.

For me I want a facility that does provide some form of pit facility. The “lust in the dust” days are no longer acceptable. That is why I built Zwartkops – practical, affordable, and proper facilities. We will have to test the circuit to ensure that it’s suitable for our type of cars. WE NEED YOUR VIEWS AND INPUT ON WHERE, WHEN, HOW MANY AND IMPORTANTLY THE FORMAT OF LEGEND EVENTS. The latter is most important.

There is a trend emerging that competitors want long distance races. With regard to public interest and affordability we could from time to time run 45 minute events. For Legends – two drives etc. Longer than this is just not sensible for cars which are over forty years old and some cases modified far beyond to what they were in their day making reliability an issue. We need your input on this issue.

6 International – “Passion for Speed Festival”

Legends of the 9 Hour

  • Zwartkops Raceway – 29th/30th/31st January 2016.
  • Killarney Cape Town – 5th/6th February 2016.
  • East London – 12th/13th February 2015.

There is a lot of International interest for cars and bikes which may mean that we include some categories into a Saturday/Sunday event. It is all very exciting and full of promise at this stage. My only concern is the cost. The ten containers indicated (UK, Europe, USA and Australia) will cost (internal) over R700, 000.00. This is scary as Zwartkops carries the cost with only marginal support from the other two venues. This issue aside and the economic times we have a great series with some very big names in the motorsport world.

The Internationals will host the World Tour at the F.I.A Formula Junior of the early sixties. This formula which not only stimulated over 25 racing car manufacturers, but launched five World Champions and which at times were faster than contemporary Formula One’s.

Pre-1974 International Sports Racing Prototypes thus far has two Chevrons, Lola T212, Ford GT40’s, three Group 5 Production Cars. Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT – four GT40’s, Lola T70, Corvettes, Elans, Cobra, McLaren etc. The Champion of Champions – three Camaro’s!

Motorcycles – probably the launch of a World Classic Superbike Series. Indicated 50 International entries to stimulate the Historic Series in South Africa.


Legends Newsletter

7. Category News

Legend Production Cars:
  • Grant Viljoen – We are hoping that this car will be ready – a Mercedes-Benz 680 SE in January.
  • Franco Scribante is on the mend and has promised to rebuild his Mustang.
  • The Valiant Barracuda of Keith Hinckley should be ready.
  • The purple Mustang of Trans Africa Racing is a must.
  • Another Clive Densham Alfa GT on the grid.
  • Michiel Campania will be at the wheel of 1964 white Galaxie in January.
LITTLE Giants:
  • A number of project cars, including another Mini Marcos, are in the making.

Legends of the 9 Hour Newsletter

U2 Production Cars:
  • This has evolved into an exciting category and has produced some fabulous racing.
  • Eight cars at present could be twelve by January. A Class “B” U2 class – may be worth considering.
Pre-1966/68 Sports & GT:
  • Cost of the cars and maintenance plus they are attractive buys to International competitors has become a problem. There are however some exciting class B and C new cars including a Sunbeam Tiger, Flamingo v8 and Cobra’s.
  • To ease cost of entry original Marauders are now eligible. These cars are even more practical and affordable than Darts.
Pre-1974 ISP:
  • Terry Willford is restoring the Automo – a hugely interesting South African story.
  • Group 5 Capri V8 is being prepared for ISP.
  • We also look forward to the Lyle of Colin Frost being sorted.

Legends of the 9 Hour Newsletter

Champion of Champions (1966 Platform Cars):
  • The Cougar should be ready to return to the series.
  • The Lupini Camaro is on the market.
  • The regulations are being re-written – the focus will now be on the Pre-1974 under 2,5 litre cars.
  • The V8’s will now be included in the Champion of Champions or Group 5 ISP.

Next event will be at Zwartkops Raceway on Saturday, 19th September 2015.

See you there!!

Peter du Toit

Chairman – Legends of the 9 HOUR Racing Series

Overall Championship Leaders July 2015

Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars

1st – Clive Densham with 55 Points
2nd – Mark du Toit with 47 Points
3rd – Roy Prando with 40.5 Points

Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes

1st – Jonathan du Toit with 69 Points
2nd – George Avvakoumides with 33.5 Points
3rd – Colin Clay with 33 Points

Pre-1966 under 2 litre Production Cars

1st – Laurence Davies with 54 Points
2nd – Gino Allasio with 52 Points
3rd – Patrick Gearing with 32 Points

Pre-1974 Trans-AM

1st – Willie Hepburn with 18 Points
2nd – Kobus Brits with 15 Points
3rd – Jeffrey Kruger with 13 Points

Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT

1st – Mark du Toit with 54.5 Points
2nd – Allan Garrow with 29.5 Points
3rd – Gary Swan with 28.5 Points

Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT

1st – Terence Botes with 68 Points
2nd – Robin Clarke with 52 Points
3rd – Shane Baartman with 41 Points

Pre-1971 Campion of Champions Production Cars

1st – Franco Scribante with 52 Points
2nd – Jonathan du Toit with 41 Points
3rd – Thomas Falkiner with 29 Points

1958 / 1974 The Great Years of South African Motor Racing.

Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars
Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT
Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes
Pre-1966/68 Little Giants Production Sports & GT Cars
Pre-1966 under 2 litre Production Cars
Pre-1971 Campion of Champions Production Cars

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