Thank you SKF for your 2017 support of the Legends of the 9 HOUR and your commitment for 2018!!



  1. Hail the Champions
  2. Support our Champions on awards day Sunday, 10th December at ZOC
  3. Kyalami, 2nd December 2017
  4. International – 26/27/28 January 2018; Cape Town a week later
  5. Profile of Legends 2018
  6. Let’s preserve our heritage
  7. 2018 Regulations and Sporting Regulations
  8. Calendar 2018
  9. Cars for Sale

Question: Would you build this unique historic car which attracts huge public interest when Jetta/ Golfs are considered historic??

1. Hail our Champions 2017

We hail our 2017 champions

LITTLE Giants Production and Sports & GT

Class A

1st – Ishmael Baloyi

2nd – Josh Dovey

3rd – Marco Taylor

Class B

1st – Les McLeod

2nd – Gary Stacey

3rd – Jaco Taylor

Class C

1st – Chris Visagie

2nd – Chad Ten Doeschate

3rd – Melanie Spurr

Class G

1st – Mark van Rooyen

2nd – Clive Winterstein

3rd – Wernher Hartzenberg


1st – Chad Ten Doeschate

2nd – Ishmael Baloyi

3rd – Chris Visagie

Trans-AM/ Champion of Champions
1st – Ben Morgenrood
International Sports Prototypes
1st – Jonathan du Toit
SKF Legends Sports & GT SKF Legends Saloons

1st – Mark du Toit

2nd – Denis McBeath

3rd – Chad Ten Doeschate

1st – Mark du Toit

2nd – Jonathan du Toit

3rd – Sarel van der Merwe

SKF Legends U2 – Under 2 Litres

1st – Alan Poulter

2nd – Vic Campher

3rd – Roger Houston

4th – Francesco Lombardi

5th – Mike O’Sullivan

2. Support our Champions at awards day Sunday, 10th December at ZOC

3. Kyalami, Saturday 2nd December 2017

“A highly intensified days racing with good fields – only to be spoilt by non-eligible entries” Legends produced a great show!

The Legends focused on Pre’1966/68 Sports & GT class B. This produced a good field of cars. Three Daytona Coupes, Lola T70 Coupe, the Cobra of the Lombard’s, 111 Mustang of Thomas Falkiner. The U2 class had 8 cars. Alfas, Volvos… Then the Nomads – Mpiti, VPW, Ford GT40. LITTLE Giants with Josh Dovey in the Healey Sprite with Ish Baloyi in the GSM Dart. Our evergreen Clive Winterstein 356 Porsche, the class winning Anglia of Chris Visagie. Legend combined with the Pre’90 Sports & GT Series produced a field of 50 cars on track.

From the flag it was Warren Lombard who took control of the event and led the field to the flag. A wonderful sight to see Cobra no.4 ahead of the field, chased hard by Neil Lobb in the Lola T70 then the Daytona’s of Mark and Jonathan du Toit racing challenging the white Mustang of Thomas Falkiner. Djurk Venter was not too far behind in the Shelby Daytona. Whilst the front running Le Mans cars were spectacular it was the U2 brigade which produced a sight not often seen. All 8 cars were line astern with Vic Campher leading in the blue Volvo. He lost the lead on the last lap to Alan Poulter. Not to be undone the Dart and the Healey of Ish and Josh swopped places to lead LITTLE Giants home. Chris Visagie kept them in sight. Chad chose to race the VPW. His race was spoilt by a first lap race mishap but it was the McBeath Mpiti who upheld the Nomad flag.

In the second race the Cobra and Lola faded, giving the win to Mark du Toit in the blue Daytona followed by Jonathan and Thomas Falkiner. The U2 cars were again a magnificent sight as was the dicing pair of Ish and Josh. The honours eventually going to the Dart. It was a great show of seeing period racers being extended at Kyalami. The show was spoilt however by a modified production car of contemporary character, deeming its right to race as a historic classic Alfa with a turbo Honda profile. How anyone can comprehend this is beyond all human understanding even the public with limited knowledge of what constitutes historic were dismayed at what they saw. (This car has no HTP, yet it is allowed). This is the ultimate as far as Legends are concerned. There is no compromise and if we are to preserve the dignity of our cars and events, we will have to exert extreme disciplines.

Refer to Pro Timing website for full results.

4. International – 26/27/28 January 2018 @ Zwartkops; 2/3 February @ Killarney

These regulations will be published within the next week. The list of categories eligible are listed in the supplementary regulations, however the event classifications will only be published in January.

The Passion for Speed embraces the:

  • Halcyon Fifties
  • The Golden Sixties
  • The Technology of the Seventies
  • The real Kyalami of the Eighties
  • The Extreme Supercars of today
  • The VW Legends through the ages

The “Passion for Speed” – the liberation of the James Dean generation when the war babies grew up. It was and in many ways still is a time in history when the car and its accompanying performance evolution brought prosperity, communication, and 4 on the floor go, go, go for the generation.

This is the essence of the event to capture this age past and present. We cannot say future, as the future is clouded by electric engines and loss of identity. The car of future will take away from us the right to be in control of our destiny.

So let’s enjoy what we have and celebrate the Passion for Speed. The international cars and bikes are presently being loaded for shipment. Once we have a full list we will circulate a special bulletin. Let us all support our heritage and participate in a great weekend. Killarney is also on the program a week later. Contact John Ten Doeschate if you need a transporter to Cape Town. John Ten Doeschate 083 327 2551

5. Profile of Legends 2018

The following are the respective classes for our Series in 2018. (See Sporting Regulations and Classes)

  • Pre’1974/5 Trans-AM for production cars – Post 1965 up to 1974/5. This class will be promoted with four classes. Refer to regulations page.
  • Pre’1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT including the Nomad classes.
  • Pre’1966/68 LITTLE Giants for Sports & GT Cars
  • Pre’1966 Production Cars – two classes
  • Pre’1966 U2 (under 2 litre) Production Cars

Note: Champion of Champions is a Series event, not an historic category. We will apply “Champion of Champions” at certain events.

6. Let’s preserve our heritage

Historic racing is the 4th most promotable event in the world today. In South Africa (from 16/20 cars for events at Kyalami in the 80’s) today there must be close to 500 cars which are eligible for HTP’s in the Gauteng area alone. The HTP’s have had a remarkable influence on containing the eligibility of what we deem as historic racing in South Africa.

Whilst we have the interest of many competitors all is most certainly not well with the Series. Our problems arise through:

  • Allowing cars to race as historic which are not historic. Cars which still compete in contemporary racing categories cannot now claim to be historic as well. Promoters and clubs probably to attract numbers are compromising historic events by allowing these cars to compete i.e. Jetta’s/VW Golfs.
  • Too much the view in that we must widen the field in the interest of affordability. We need to get this straight. Historic racing is not a cheap and ready formula. It is expensive; the cars are unique, different, and readily identifiable with the public.
  • To allow cars which are racing in contemporary formulas is not only confusing to the media; spectator but instantaneously diminishes the value of a historic car.
  • To allow “cheap” clubman’s cars into historics knocks the value of the historic car owner. The result “The bad chases away the good!”
  • Over the past 18 months historic spectator attendance has halved. The reason is simple. “we are not interested in watching clubman’s cars” – This is serious as sponsors are now becoming weary. There is no value in underwriting something the public is not interested in. The TV coverage is also poor as the “real” cars are no longer upfront.
  • There is a historic rule which many are choosing to ignore or just do not know… That rule is that for a car to be eligible in historics it may not have been competing in a contemporary formula for at least ten years. So how do we explain a Jetta/Golf racing in historics when these cars are competing in four contemporary formulas? This is absolute nonsense and will relegate historics to a basic clubman formula. The real cars will be forced out and in time just disappear.
  • Many competitors do not understand what historic racing is all about i.e. period correct cars with the right profile. Many see classic production cars as opportunity to modified the cars to contemporary specifications, run on slick tyres (period incorrect) wings and then paint them/advertising in non-period profile.

Where is this leading to? Lift the profile of historics to a cut above the rest with correct period profile cars. Those who wish to compromise the rules and regulations must have their entries declined and compete in other categories.

7. 2018 Regulations and Sporting Regulations

These are on the Zwartkops website. Our sporting regulations are still being finalised. These will be finalised by early January. In the meantime, please peruse the respective class categories.

NOTE: There are a number of conversations in the paddock that legends keep changing the rules. Our regulations have not changed in 5 years. What has changed are the sporting regulations which we have been forced to do as a result of modifications certain competitors have made to their cars which have moved the goal posts.

Historic cars are prone to being modified through modern engineering developments and aftermarket speed enhancement parts. It is for this reason that the FIA stepped in 8 years ago to strictly control these practices.

Sporting regulations
Class summary 2018

The full sporting regulations have and will be on the Zwartkops website by mid-January. The respective class times are listed below:

Zwartkops base times – Pre’1966/68 Sports & GT Class
A – SUB 70’s
B – 70.01 – 73.00
C – 73.01 – 76.00
D – 76.01 – 80.00 Nomads
E – 80.01 – 83.00 LITTLE Giants (*)
F – 83.01 – 86.00 LITTLE Giants (*)
G – 86.01 – 90.00 LITTLE Giants (*) (*)
H – 90.00 plus LITTLE Giants (*)
(*) – Sports & GT plus Production Cars

Pre’1966 Production Cars “over 2 litres”
A – 74.00- 76.00
B – 76.01 – 80.00

U2 (under 2 litres)
78.00 – 80.00

Pre’1974 Trans-AM (major revision full details January 2018)
TA 1 – 70.00 – 72.00
TA 2 – 72.01 – 74.00
TA 3 – 74.01 – 76.00

Pre’1974/5 International Sports Racing Prototypes
A – open
B – 65.00 – 70.00
C – 70.01 – 73.00
D – 73.01 – 76.00

Group 5 Production cars SUB 70’s.

8. Calendar 2018

save the dates

27 Jan Zwartkops ISP/TA + CoC/ LGND / U2 /SP & GT / LG
3 Feb Killarney ISP/TA + CoC/ LGND / U2 /SP & GT / LG
10 Mar RSR LGND/SP & GT /U2 / LG (all race together)
7 April Zwartkops ISP/TA + CoC/ LGND / U2 /SP & GT / LG
19 May Phakisa ISP+TA+CoC (poss SP & GT) with HRSA SP & GT
LGND + U2 + LG (race together)
9 June Zwartkops U2/LG/SP & GT – race together
7 July Midvaal all one race
11 Aug Dezzi U2 / LG / SP & GT (race together)
29 Sep Zwartkops ISP/TA + CoC/ LGND / U2 /SP & GT / LG
3 Nov RSR LGND/SP & GT /U2 / LG (race together)

LGND – Pre 1966 Legends Saloons

U2 – Pre 1966 U2 Class
LG – Pre 1966/68 LITTLE Giants
SP&GT – Pre 1966/68 Sports & GT
ISP – Pre 1974 International Sports Prototypes
TA+CoC – Pre 1974 Trans Am + Champion of Champions (*)
(*) Champion of Champions is an event focus, NOT a specific category.
INT – International
HT – Historic Tour
INV – Invitational


Adjustments may be made to the dates. The reason being changes in profile of certain categories and events.

9. Cars for Sale

SP Racing is consolidating its racing profile and portfolio.

The following cars are for sale:

Cougar (Legends and Trans-AM) ex engine & gearbox R150k
Ford 347 engine new dry sump R120k
Mercury Comet R550k
Datsun 240 Z (Trans-AM) R450k
Group 5 Camaro R550k
Richard Petty Plymouth (needs engine rebuild) R500k
Cortina Lotus MK1 R220k
65/66 Cortina MK2 (xxx body and partly rebuild engine lotus) R150k
MK1 4 door Cortina TBA
Sunbeam Alpine (to be rebuild) TBA
1967 Cortina MK2 body TBA
Z-Tec Escort R120k
Escort Narrow body dry sump TBA
Frost Twin Cam Lotus Engine R100k
1965 Mustang road car n/back R750k

Contact: Carel Pienaar – SP Racing – 083 250 4830

1958 / 1974 The Great Years of South African Motor Racing.
1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars
Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT
Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes
Pre-1966/68 Little Giants Production Sports & GT Cars
Pre-1966 under 2 litre Production Cars
Pre-1971 Campion of Champions Production Cars

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