Legends Newsletter - 11/2015
Legends of the 9 Hour Legends Newsletter - 11/2015

Out with the Old, In with the New

It was the last racing event at the fourth rendition of Kyalami – now we wait for number five…

SKF Racing

SKF International Sports Racing Prototypes

The SKF International Sports Racing Prototypes were combined with the Pre’84 series and Trans- Am and what an event! Three Porsche 917’s, Four Lola T70’s, Two Ford GT40’s, Two Chevron’s, Two Cobra’s and Three Porsche 911’s.
Then there was the ever green MPITI and a big welcome to Andrew Wilson in the ex Chris Myers TVR Vixen and finally the IMSA Datsun 240Z of young Phillip Pantazis.
It was a magnificent grid and even greater spectacle as the mighty race cars of the sixties and seventies unleashed on the last event at Kyalami. Dezzi winner Jonathan du Toit put on an aggressive display of racing hard against far more powerful cars as he drifted the little red car almost flat-out around the twisty corners of Kyalami. He won the first heat from Craig Pieterse in the big green Lola who was almost piped to the line by Mark’s Pre’66 Lola Spyder. Peter Bailey headed Colin Frost’s 917 but just beat Neil Lobb in the other big orange Lola finished sixth with brake problems. One of the most remarkable performances of the day came from Shayne Frost in the category B (oldest) Gulf GT40’s after a long hard battle with Oliver Dalais’s GT40. Warren Lombard headed Class B in the newly rebuilt Cobra, leading home Mark Lauth (first time out) in the blue Lola T70 coupe.
The most beautiful car on the track for the day was Alan Garrow in the Superformance Shelby 289 Cobra. This car in true form is driven to and from the circuits. We cannot think of any other competitive legend car which is actually driven to the track – road registered et-al.
In heat two Jonathan beat brother Mark by 5 seconds, Craig Pieterse just beat Mark across the line but was penalised for allegedly jumping the start (the same fate befell Jonathan in the Nova in a later event). Peter Bailey beat Neil Lobb in the recovered Lola but not before Colin Frost’s 917 blew a fuse on the last lap. Mike Maurice had a miserable day in the orange Porsche 917, retiring in both heats with electrical problems.
Another surprise was Andre van der Merwe who led the Porsche 911 RSR beating MSA Chairman George Avvakoumides. Then Andre de Kock’s black Dart nailed Ishmael Baloyi’s Dart.
Overall on the day it was Jonathan (B8 Chevron) Peter Bailey (Porsche 917) Andre de Kock (GSM Dart) Andre van de Merwe (Porsche 911 RSR) Mark du Toit (Lola T70) Mark Lauth (Lola T70 – After Warren Lombard picked up a serious misfire in the second heat) Dennis McBeath (MPITI) and Andrew Wilson (TVR) A GREAT EVENT!
SKF Racing

SKF Legend Production Cars and LITTLE Giants

There were three CoC category entries where Jonathan managed to secure pole position from Franco and Thomas’s Mustangs. Mark du Toit’s Chevelle was the sole ZA but he had the ZB cars of Trevor Tuck and Roy Prando right on his tail. The main focus however was on the U2 class with the Alfa Giulia’s of Roger Houston, Laurence Davies, Gino Allasio followed by Ben vd Westhuizen (our Dezzi HSS hero) Lotus Cortina and John Simpson’s BMW.
Legends Newsletter - 11/2015 Legends Newsletter - 11/2015
LITTLE Giants were headed by Terence Botes Mini, Shane Baartman, the Taylors, Marco and Jaco (Jnr) all Alfa’s then Scott Houston, Robin Clark and welcome new comer, Dean Smith Mini Cooper. Jacques Baartman had a difficult day with only one lap of racing.
In heat one Franco quickly sorted out Jonathans Nova and won. Jonathan put up an initial challenge but then spun at Leeukop (old name) and somehow got a rock jammed under his brake pedal base. That’s one for the record books and so landed up dicing with his brother Mark in the Chevelle. The big focus was on the Alfa quartet of Larry, Trevor, Roger and Gino. They produced a race of races and put the U2 clan on the map. Larry just beat Trevor to the line – but it was close – 1.2 seconds separated the four. Not to be outdone the BMW, Lotus Cortina, Mini, and Alfa GT had a good midfield dice. Whilst the front runners were on their own. The race belonged to the U2’s and Little Giants of Scott Houston, Jaco Taylor (Jnr) and Robin Clarks Magnet.
Legends Newsletter - 11/2015
Heat two and Jonathan from third position jumped the start. On the road he chased the orange Mustang but won the heat when the orange car retired. Overall honours on the day belonged to Thomas Falkiner. Roy Prando’s Alfa ZB beat the Smokey Yunick Chevelle. Gino made sure that he headed the U2’s and won the class from Larry and Roger. The midfield battle of Lotus Cortina, BMW, and Alfa GT’s was only resolved on the last lap when John Simpson crept over the line ahead of Shane Baartman and Terence Botes Mini. The Cortina broke it’s gearbox on the last lap.

Winners of this the day: Scott Houston, Robin Clark, Shane Baartman, Thomas Falkiner, Gino Allasio, Dean Smith and Roy Prando.

Legends driver of the day: Gino Allasio.

Full results can be found on: www.protiming.co.za

Next Round: 6 June 2015 – Zwartkops RacewayOnline Entires here
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