The Giants of Production Car Racing

For 21 years Zwartkops International World of Motoring will celebrate some of the greatest icons of the Golden Age of motor racing the 1960’s

The Series embraces the giants of American racing in South Africa.  Who can ever deny the big red Galaxie in the 1963 9 Hour.  Paul Hawkins, Jack Sears, and Bobby Olthoff won the 1965 National Production Car Championship.  This 500HP two-ton brute is a challenge on its own.  It cannot stop ad cornering is a massive problem.  It has taken the likes of Sarel vd Merwe, Lee Thompson, Mark du Toit, and more recently Seef Fourie Jnr to tame this beast.  Then not be ever discounted in terms of brute force is the Smokey Yunick Chevelle, another NASCAR Legend in more ways than none.  Our Production Car ace Jeff Kruger has the task to tame the beast.

Never discount the iconic Mustangs headed by Ben Morgenrood, and Josh Broome in the Basil van Rooyen tribute cars.  The Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt of TAR, hopefully, Colin Ellison will challenge the Nova of Jonathan du Toit.  Then the Mercury Commit is probably the most powerful car in the field and driven to the limit by Hennie Groenewald, multiple South African Production Car Champion.  For the first time, the 1968 blue Mustang will be part of the field as well as 1967/1969 Chev Camaro’s, plus Paige Lindenberg’s Fairlane.

In their day the production car races in the early 1960s were the biggest spectator stimulant for motorsport.  The all-conquering Lotus Cortina’s, Alfa GT’s, Giulia’s, and later BMW 2000’s and then later the mighty Escorts.

Carel Pienaar devastatingly fast Lotus Cortina matched with the Alfa Giulia’s of Marc Miller, Roger Houston, and the Alfa GT’s of Francesco Lombardi, and Mark du Toit.

This is one of the most spectacular fields of Production Cars which captures the imagination of all South Africans.


Regards to All

Peter du Toit

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