Postponement of Passion for Speed to June 2021

Legends of the 9 HourPostponement of our Passion for Speed International

Postponement of Passion for Speed to June 2021

Our January event would have been the 20th annual David Piper/ Passion for Speed Festival. Unfortunately, the present state of the COVID-19 Pandemic has reached almost critical proportions.

Zwartkops to date is virus free. However, the spread and intensity of infections is such that we are not confident of protecting competitors and teams from the protocols required. There are also a large number of competitors who are apprehensive in entering the event.

To be fair to it all and meet the objective of the event, social interactions, a celebration, and competitive motoring we took the difficult decision to postpone the event to the 18/ 19/ 20 June 2021. We are hopeful that many of the current issues would have abated by then we may even have some Internationals. Those who were coming to drive our cars have been advised of the change of date. Please refer to the adjusted calendar for 2021.

We just have to accept and adjust to the circumstances in South Africa.

Our Racing Dates for 2021 are as follows:

NOTE: there could be changes as a result of changes at the festival of speed in August

Date Event Venue ISP/ Trans-AM Legends V8 Le Mans Sports & GT LITTLE Giants U2 + NOMADS
6 Mar 2021 Historic/ Inland Redstar     X X X
17 Apr 2021 National Festival Zwartkops   Xᴮ   X X
22 May 2021 Regional Festival Zwartkops X X X X X
19 Jun 2021 Passion for Speed Zwartkops X X X X X
7 Aug 2021 Historic/ Inland


    X X X
11 Sep 2021 Historic/ Inland Redstar       X X
16 Oct 2021 Historic/ Inland Zwartkops X X X X X
  • B: Class “B” V8 Legends

NOTE: The Passion for Speed event has been postponed. All the other racing dates, Open Practice, Corporate days, Brunch Cruise and SuperTrax days remains unchanged.

Peter du Toit

See you at Zwartkops!

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