The South African 4x4 & Outdoor Show
The South African 4x4 & Outdoor Show
The South African 4×4 & Outdoor Show

You’ve already decided that your life needs some off-road adventure, or maybe the lure of an adventurous outdoor lifestyle is simply too strong to resist. But, out of the vast array of 4x4s and SUVs on offer in our market, which one will best suit your needs? Well, fear no more, because all your questions will be answered at the South African 4×4 & Outdoor show, sponsored by ABSA, to be held at the Zwartkops Raceway on 26 & 27 August 2017. You will have the opportunity to put just about every offering to the test, acquire any accessory equipment you might need, and have a jolly good day out with your family at the same time.

There is more to this show than only new vehicles, off-roading accessories and outdoor equipment, however, for there will be quite a number of fun activities, good food, Craft Beer and some real spectacles to behold as well. Adventurous children (and young-at-heart adults) can amuse themselves at the bow- and air rifle shooting range, and there will be a laser tag course laid out for those with more modern tastes. Zwartkops’s world-class go-kart circuit will also see some good use, to test drive any latest 4×4 or SUV, all through the day.

The track’s infield will play host to two unusual activities: a monster truck driving display will take place. Well worth it, to see just what these extreme brutes can drive over. And there will be a camel race, yes, with genuine camels, between the various action packed activities for the whole family & exhibitors. The latter should prove to be quite interesting, especially seeing as camels aren’t exactly common on our soil, and it’s unlikely that many of the exhibitors will have any experience with these animals.

And when you finally need a rest after all the excitement, you can relax with a cold brew at the Craft Beer Festival with Live entertainment. Just be aware that you can’t stop over here on your way to any track, as no alcohol-fuelled driving will be allowed.

Tickets are available at the gate on the day or can be bought through Computicket. Entry per Adult through Computicket is R120 or R150 at the Gate. Pensioners will only pay R80, and it will be R50 for kids.

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