Legends Newsletter - 1-2016

Legends of the 9 Hour

Legends of the 9 Hour

Greetings to all the great Legends of South African Motor Sport.

Legends Newsletter - 1-2016

When the ‘tide is going out you will see those who are swimming naked’!

For us South Africans the tide has and is still going out – we have the current Rand, a government which is confused and prone to making one error after another, the collapse in commodity prices and then to top it all a devastating drought.

It all sounds grim but chin up things could be worse and no tide goes out forever.

It will turn and the land will be restored and remember that we have a huge motor sport heritage and a great event to look forward to at the end of January. The International interest and support is the biggest yet with 42 cars and 18 TT Superbikes.

We expect a total entry of over 300 cars and bikes on Saturday and 150 – 200 bikes on Sunday. The entry lists are exciting and we can expect to feast of ‘Passion for Speed’ – Zwartkops 29/30/31 January, Cape Town 5/6 February and East London 12/13 February.

This is all great, we have a sponsor for the majority of our TV costs SKF and a register of some 250/70 Pre 1974 Sports & GT, Sports Racing, and Production cars and still growing! One can, however never be complacent, so we have to constantly adapt and be creative as we grow heritage/racing in Southern Africa. A brief SWOT analysis suggest the following:


A good support base of cars and growing public interest.


Race programmes and media are not focused enough on the public domain. People must take note of the cars we have and willingly associate with cars and drivers.


Grow the participative base (categories) of Legends. Adapt to the threats and strengths we have. South Africans have a huge interest in our type of racing.


The current Rand is having a major impact on having a major impact on the running costs of our cars plus the export markets are inviting. We must adapt out categories (particularly at the high expense cars) to only racing at high profile and properly promoted events. We must avoid racing for the for the sake of racing. This may mean less events/racing costs but more profile.

That’s our SWOT for 2016

To this end we want to call a special meeting at ZOC on Sunday the 24th of January (HTP day, SuperTraxSunday, and awards day)

MEETING starts at 10h30 followed by the awards at 12h00

Awards Function - 2015

Meeting to discuss the following:

  1. 2016 calendar – who goes where
  2. High profile Days
  3. The final sporting regulations all on Zwartkops website.
  4. The Special new class of Pre 1962 ‘Grand Central’ cars to be run for +86/88 second cars in LITTLE Giants. A separate championship based on Index of performance.
  5. Social interaction and special events.
  6. Members news.
Peter du Toit
Chairman – Legends of the 9 Hour Racing Series

Legends of the 9 Hour

1958 / 1974 The Great Years of South African Motor Racing.

Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars
Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT
Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes
Pre-1966/68 Little Giants Production Sports & GT Cars
Pre-1966 under 2 litre Production Cars
Pre-1971 Campion of Champions Production Cars

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