The 16th Passion for Speed on 27, 28 and 29 January 2017

The 17th Passion for SpeedThe centre spread of Motor Racing for cars and bikes at Zwartkops Raceway will feature.

The 16th Passion for Speed on 27, 28 and 29 January 2017The Passion for speed motor racing through the ages, from the golden age of the fifties and sixties the James Dean generation with the legends of the fastest sports racing Le mans and production cars.  Lola’s Ford Daytona GT40, Daytona’s Cobra’s to the massive 500 HP Production nascar Cars.  Galaxies, Nova, Mustangs Chev Bel Air, Chevelle, and Plymouth Barracuda.  The family Saloon turned race cars, Alfa GT’s, Guilias, Mini Coopers, BMW, Volvo, to the anything goes Nash Metropolitan, Healey Sprites, Anglia’s, GSM Darts, Mini Marcos, ……  Formula One Cars of the early sixties – narrow tyres then projectiles.  Historic Single Seaters and Sports Cars.  Then the icon sports cars of the seventies – V8 Lola’s, Chevrons, Porsche 917, Lemans/Sebring Porsche RSR’s, McLaren…..

The ultimate entry of the Historic Racers of South African plus thirty seven International cars and Motorcycles to race over the weekend. 

These great racing cars and motorcycles will be raced by the ‘Aces of Africa’ Sarel van der Merwe, Hennie Groenewald, Mark and Jonathan du Toit, Lee Thompson, Jeffrey Kruger, Larry Wilford, Ben Morgenrood, Peter Lindenburg, Ferdie van Niekerk, Michiel Campania, Chris Wilson, Steve Hart, Kenneth Pearson.  There will also be a ‘stig’ who has chosen car number 177 – the Big Red Galaxie to challenge the 15 Nascar V8’s.                                                                                                                          

Racing through the ages takes on a totally new meaning when the Legends of Volkswagen challenge each other with a no holds barred eight VW Polo’s. 

The Boys are Back

Mirror Mirror on the Wall who is the greatest of them all!

Sarel van der Merwe, Mike Briggs, Willie Hepburn, Deon Joubert, Ben Morgenrood, Chris Aberdein, Geoff Mortimer and a Wild Card entry whose identity will be revealed after the race.

Once in a lifetime opportunity to see these greats all together in similar cars – once a racer always a racer and I have not forgotten how “FAST” I was.

This will not be an Incident Free event, lay your bets as to who the winner will be.  See website for further details.

From Historic Saloons, Lotus Challenge, to the Big and Small Legends, but Passion for Speed will not be complete without our modern G & H Transport Extreme SuperCars – The incredible GT3 Aston Martin of Charl Arangies, Franco Scribante’s GT3 Porsche, Ferrari’s, GT3/4 BMW’s, KTM, Lamborghini’s.

This is a High Octane day at Zwartkops Raceway – Saturday Cars, Sunday Bikes, which will include the superbike classic tourist trophy with Isle of Man greats Iain Simpson, Allan Duffy, Carl Tiffany…(Refer to separate media – MEDIA-004).


International Cars, Drivers and guests

David and Liz Piper                                                –  ISP Racing             U.K.

Mike Knight                                                              –  ISP Racing             U.K.

# 23 – Alan Baillie                                                    –  Lotus 24 F1            U.K.

# 26 – Andrew Warring                                        –  P261 BRM F1         U.K.

# 58 – Richard Smeeton                                      –  Wainer  S/S            U.K.

# 59 – Jim Timms                                                     –  Cooper TS4           U.K.

# 48 – Jim Broakley                                                –  Caravelle S/S       U.K.

# 29 – Richard Wilson                                            –  Lotus 27                  U.K.

# 9 – Richard Wilson                                              –  Jaquar E-Type     U.K.

# 64 – Iain Rowley                                                 –  Lotus 22                  U.K.

# 90 – Chris o’Neil                                                  –  Jaquar E-Type     U.K.

# 4 – Donald Duncan                                           –  McLaren MKIB      U.K.

# 3 – Chris Wilson                                                    –  Camaro                U.K.

# 530 – Craig Davies                                             –  Shelby Ford          U.K.

# 115 – Peter Leuthardt                                        –  Ford Anglia           U.K.

# 47 – Bill Watt                                                         –  Lotus 47                  U.K.

# 28 – Michiel Campagne                                  –  Ford Galaxie        Netherlands

# 95 – Armand Adriaans                                     –  Ford Mustang      Netherlands

# 48 – Franscesco van Maarschalkerwa        – Ford Mustang       Netherlands

# 19 – Charlotte Verkuijlen                                  – MGB / GSM Dart  Netherlands

#                                                                                 –  Lola 212                 Sweden

#                                                                                 –  Lola 212                 Sweden

#                                                                                 –  Chevron B19        Sweden

# 58 – Jan Kling                                                      – Ford GT                   Sweden

# 60 – Kennet Persson                                           – Ford GT / Lotus Elan        Sweden

# 61 – Liam Murphy                                               – Volvo P1800          Ireland




Mick Grant                           7 times Isle of Man TT wins

# 3 Alan Duffus                   Yamaha TZ 750

# 4 Robert Burns                 Suzuki XR 69

# 8 Bry Bayes                       Suzuki GSXR

# 9 Carl Tiffany                   Honda

# 21 Gordon Grigor          Suzuki GS 1200

# 22 Ian Simpson               Suzuki GSXR

# 23 Ian Mac Pherson      Suzuki GSX

# 24 Howard Selby            Suzuki

We appreciate the support of Lee Dutton and his team for organizing the International contingent of racing motor cyclists

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