Classic Top of the Hill

Event Details:

  • Date: 6th July
  • Location: Zwartkops Raceway
  • Event Type: Hill Climb for cars up to 1990.
  • Course: 2000 meters, run in the reverse direction of the track

Classes and Awards:

  • Classification by Age:
  • Pre Kyalami days (1962)
  • Up to pre-1990
  • Awards: Determined pe age class
  • Regulations: To be provided as per MSA standards and will be circulated shortly

Event Features:

  • New Ascending Time Trial: Known as TOP OF THE HILL
  • Series Objective:
  • To provide a practice and affordable Hill Climb challenge
  • Club/regional and annual National/International events ending October/No each year.
  • Participation:
  • Single/time trial participation allowed.
  • Negotiation with MSA for less stringent license

Event Format:

  • Continuous Sessions:
  • 2/3 runs at a time.
  • Detailed regulations and guidelines to be explained on practiced.


  • Encouragement for Racers:
  • Motivating those who have parked their cars to participate again.
  • Ensuring exciting racing experience


  • Participant and Community Support Needed:
    • To make the event successful and excited

For more information and detailed regulations, please refer to the event brochure and forthcoming MSA regulation. Your support and participation will be crucial to the success an excitement of this new initiative.

Yours in Motorsport

Peter du Toit

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