6th July – Classic Top of the Hill

Please enter your cars as there is no need for any special tyres or gearing

6th July – Classic Top of the Hill

As mentioned on various occasions we are launching our first Classic Top of the Hill Challenge on the 6th of July at Zwartkops Raceway. We are planning this to be an annual event as an exclusive Classic (Historic) day.

Time Trials (essentially hill climbs) is emerging a s a racing category in South Africa. There are other venues being panned. The Zwartkops structure and layout enables us to allow 2 -3 runs per session on a semi-continues bass. How this is done will be explained on the day.

In this respect we are unique, however the number of entries will be limited to 100 cars on a single day. Thus, we run practice days to orientate ourselves to the concept of a continues spectacle for competitors and the public. We will only be having four events a year.

One of them will focus particularly on Classic (Historic). The Top of the Hill pinnacle will be a three day National/ International event every year October/November. One of the prime objectives of establishing the facility s to not only create new entrants, but also to rejuvenate interest of many of our Historic competitors who

  1. no longer want to participate in a mas field
  2. want to be on their own,
  3. dust off their historic racers which will not be subject to as much risk, and
  4. MSA dispensations which will make racing less

Please see the below and we ask that you motivate your members to participate. We need to make this type of event as practical and affordable as possible.


Event Details:

  • Event Type: Hill Climb for cars up to 1990, plus invitation class
  • Course: 2000 meters, run in the reverse direction of the track
  • Max no. of competitors: 100

Classes and Awards:

  • Classification by Age – Classes
  • Pre Kyalami days 1962)
  • Pre 1966, Pre 1974, Pre 1981, Pre 1988
  • Awards: Determined per no. in each class
  • Regulations: Waiver permit – social MSA licenses required. Will be published soon.

Event Features:

  • Ascending Time Trial: Known as TOP OF THE HLL
  • Series Objective:
  • To provide a practical and affordable Hill Climb challenge
  • Club/regional and annual National/international events ending October/November each year

Event Format:

  • Continuous Sessions:
  • 2/3 runs at a time
  • Detailed regulations and guidelines to be explained on practice days


  • Encouragement for Racers:
  • Motivating those who have parked their cars to participate again
  • Ensuring exciting new racing experiences

For more information and detailed regulations, please refer to the event brochure and the forthcoming MSA regulations. Your support and participation will be crucial to the success and excitement of this new initiative.

Yours in Motorsport,

Zwartkops Raceway Team

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