Media Release – Passion for Speed in Jan 2015

The 14th Passion for Speed at Zwartkops International World of Motoring – 30/31 Jan 2015 The biggest weekend of circuit racing takes place at Zwartkops on Friday 30th of January & Saturday 31st January for cars and Sunday 1st of February for the Day of the Champion racing motorcycles. The 14th Passion for Speed – Golden Age of Motor racing will be celebrated in grand style at the end of January at Zwartkops Raceway. This event which has captivated the… Read More

Legends Newsletter 12 – 2014

A great year for Legends and an even greater year in 2015 To all Legends of the 9 Hour competitor’s entrants and sponsors a big THANK YOU for the support. We congratulate not only our champions but all those who participate in the Legends Series. It is not the news as much as the “response to the news” that counts. The response to Legends / Historics in South Africa and worldwide for that matter is extremely positive, public interest is… Read More

TV Schedule – Historic Tour at Kyalami 12 July 2014

Race Series Date of Event Track/Place of Race Event Historic Tour 12 July 2014 Kyalami Transmission Date Episode Time Channel 2 Aug 2014 Episode 7 06h00 & 16h00 Ignition TV 2 Aug 2014 Episode 8 07h00 & 17h00 Ignition TV 3 Aug 2014 Episode 7 01h00 & 12h00 Ignition TV 3 Aug 2014 Episode 8 04h00 & 13h00 Ignition TV 4 Aug 2014 Episode 7 03h00 Ignition TV 4 Aug 2014 Episode 8 11h00 Ignition TV 5 Aug 2014 Episode… Read More

Passion for Speed

The Series Categories – Legends Of The 9 Hour™ The Series can best be summarized in the following context: Legends of the 9 Hour™ This was after the SA GP the most significant event in Southern Africa over the period 1958 to 1973. After 1973 the format changed, the world changed, and despite one or two events to revive the 9 Hour it was an event overtaken by time. The original idea of the 9 Hour came from the Goodwood… Read More