Sarel van der Merwe returns to race the grey Ford Galaxie #104

Passion for Speed – It’s not love but war this coming January 2018

The annual and popular Passion for Speed will take place at Zwartkops Raceway on the weekend of 26 to 28 January 2018.  The war babies of the sixties focused on love not war, except when it came to the “Passion for Speed”.  There were no restraints. It was the go go go generation of foot to the floor and pedal to the metal.  By today’s standards cars with very little stopping power and even less in aero aids to steer… Read More

Legends Newsletter 11 – 2017

Thank you SKF for your 2017 support of the Legends of the 9 HOUR and your commitment for 2018!!   Content: Hail the Champions Support our Champions on awards day Sunday, 10th December at ZOC Kyalami, 2nd December 2017 International – 26/27/28 January 2018; Cape Town a week later Profile of Legends 2018 Let’s preserve our heritage 2018 Regulations and Sporting Regulations Calendar 2018 Cars for Sale Question: Would you build this unique historic car which attracts huge public interest… Read More

Legends Newsletter 10 - 2017

Legends Newsletter 10 – 2017

Reminder of Meeting Legends AGM at Zwartkops Raceway on Wednesday, 15th November 2017 at 19h30 PM Regulations 2018 International 27th/28th/29th January 2018 Historic Tour 2018 Cars, People, Events Your attendance is important.  See you at Zwartkops. 1958 / 1974 The Great Years of South African Motor Racing. 1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes Pre-1966/68 Little Giants Production Sports & GT Cars Pre-1966 under 2 litre Production Cars Pre-1971… Read More