SPA six hour hero

SPA Six Hour Hero For the past two years the big Chev Grand Sport of Michiel Campagne has come second overall in this grueling event over the very demanding SPA race track. The Chev Grand Sport was a secret project at General Motors and was built in 1964 to beat the Shelby Cobras and Daytona’s and it would have had not the senior management at GM not found out. They put an immediate stop to the project but not before… Read More

Tourist Trophy Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT cars

Two super champs to team up in the Tourist Trophy Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT cars. Sarel van der Merwe multiple South African Rally and Saloon Car Champion, and what many claim as the greatest import into the USA in the late eighties, will team up with Michael Briggs who is the multiple Saloon Car Champion of the nineties in the red Daytona Coupe for SA TT. These two champions will drive the red Daytona Coupe of Trans Africa… Read More

Eight Ford GT 40’s for the S.A. TT

Eight Ford GT 40’s for the S.A. TT In the days of the Kyalami nine hours we raved when we had 3 Ford GT 40’s in the race. Well for the 1st February there could be as many as eight of these mighty racers on the grid. Dino Scribante, Ross Lazarus, two from Sweden, one from Holland, Oliver Dalais and a special GT 40 from Cape Town. The Ford GT40 was the car that topped Ferrari at Le Mans. The… Read More

Denzil Bhana super Mini Cooper

Denzil Bhana super Mini Cooper Way back in the 1965 George Armstrong who could drive and tune a Mini Cooper like no other got the bright idea of racing a big wheel (12 inch) Mini. He almost succeeded at Roy Hesheth and led the Galaxie until this newly engineered wheel broke and fell off. Well some 50 years later Denzil Bhana has been given special dispensation to put on bigger wheels on his Mini. Now the proof is in the… Read More

The return of the BIG Red Galaxie

The return of the BIG Red Galaxie – “Ou Rooie” The car that won just about every Nascar event in the USA (including the Daytona 500) in 1963 and then topped the British Jaguar and Lotus Cortina in the UK Saloon Car Championship in 1964 and in the hands of Bobby Olthoff it won the SA Production Car Championship in 1965, returns to Zwartkops on Saturday the 1st of February, in the hands of Sarel van der Merwe.