Legends of the 9 Hour
It was an unreal age as World Sports & GT Cars took the centre stage. In the USA we had the big V8-engined cars in the Can-Am Series with American and Formula One aces at the wheel. IMAGE
IMAGE In Europe Porsche, determined to win Le Mans, introduced to the world the then outrageous Porsche 917: in England, Lola brought out the big Lola V8 which, with very limited resources, took on the world, and others, such as Chevron, concentrated on high-tech small capacity cars. Then Italy responded with a sports car which, in fact, was a Formula One car disguise: Ferrari 312 PB, South Africans also responded with their interpretations, including the Automa and Lyle.
The ISP Series was incorporated in the early 1980’s by David Piper and Michael Knight. This Series first visited South Africa in 1988 and then returned to Kyalami in 1998. Since 2002 the ISP Series has been an integral part of the Zwartkops (David Piper) International. The ISP South African Series has been a major stimulant in the acquisition and development of post 1966, pre 1974 sport racing cars. We now have a register of 18-20 icon ISP cars, Porsche 917, Chevron B8, B16, B19, Lola T70, Porsche 908, Porsche RSR’s… Plus South African one-off specials. IMAGE
This Series will shortly get a major international stimulant.
More pictures of these cars in Action.