Legends of the 9 Hour

The South African Tourist Trophy

In 2002 Zwartkops incorporated the South African Tourist Trophy (SA TT) into its program as a one-hour event for pre 1966 Le Mans Sports Grand Touring Cars. IMAGE
This evening has grown in stature both on the International and domestic front and is attracting huge entries – so much so that a subsidiary category is being established for the earlier Pre 1962/3 cars.
The significance of the Pre 1966 category is that the Sports & GT cars played a greater role in the world of motor racing than Formula One. In the period 1961 to 1965 Formula One was confined to cars with 1.5-litre engines, and while the racing was “Formula One” to many, it was not “big time” racing cars. They were too small and skimpy. In the words of the Americans, “They are purty but they ain’t big…”
IMAGE So the world focused on the big-bore machines that attracted manufacturers such as Ford (GT40) and Shelby (Cobra and Daytona Coupes), always trying to fight off the might of the works Ferrari and Porsche teams. In this period cars from British specialist builders also emerged, such as the Lola T70 and Mclaren M1, with the big American engines and (from lessons learnt in the lightweight Formula Ones) Lotus, Elva and Brabham.
It was in this age that the great epic battles emerged at Le Mans, which then extended itself to Goodwood, Sebring and the other race tracks of the world. This was the Golden Age racing.
Zwartkops will continue to develop the Tourist Trophy Pre 1966 Series on the same basis as the Goodwood Tourist Trophy, which is held in September every year. We are greatly encouraged by the support of international participants and South Africans who are rebuilding, building and importing cars specifically for this series.
Peter Bailey, inspired by the David Piper International in 2002/3, did what South Africans have done throughout the history of local motor racing. If you cannot afford the real thing then you build your own! This Peter and his team have most certainly done and they have built some of the most stunning “Type” cars the world has ever seen. Ferrari P4, Ford GT, Cobras, Lola T70 and Porsche 917.
More pictures of these cars in Action.