Zwartkops Marshals Club (ZMC) was established in 2002 when Zwartkops Raceway was revamped to its current configuration and the need was identified by the owners for its own marshalling body whose main focus was Zwartkops Raceway.


ZMC is the marshalling leg of the Zwartkops Owners Club (ZOC) and is affiliated to Motorsport South Africa (MSA) to whose standards and regulations ZMC adhere.


Zwartkops Marshals Club is also part of the Northern Regions Marshalling Panel to ensure one standard regardless of marshalling club.


A marshal’s sole purpose is to ensure that the competitor has a safe environment to race in. During a race a marshal is the only communication to a competitor regarding track conditions and happenings on the circuit by way of flags. Safety is the most important aspect of a marshal’s task.

Zwartkops Marshals Club

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Marshalling consists of different genres namely Incident, Flag, Observer, Fire and Pit marshals, each one performing specific tasks on a raceday.


On a race day the marshalling team consists of a Chief Marshal who reports directly to the Clerk of the Course on all circuit related matters. Each post then consists of a Post Chief and a number of marshals from the different genres of marshalling. Each one performing a certain task so that the corner can operate as one.


A marshal is a volunteer who loves motorsport. To join our team you have to be 16 years or older. Your age, gender, race or disabilities does not matter as long as you love motorsport. Training will be provided in all genres of marshalling. Once qualified you will be able to marshal on any circuit in South Africa.


You can join any time of the year and do not have to wait for a major training day.


Motorsport is dangerous so all marshals are medically insured through MSA. Although marshalling is a hobby, you get compensated for travel and food and when working on away circuits your accommodation will be paid for.


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A marshal is the first one at a circuit at dawn and stays there till after dusk, rain or shine! We mostly work on Saturdays but before a race day there is usually a Friday official practice. Occasionally we will have a race day on a public holiday but rarely on a Sunday. All attendance is on a voluntary basis but we do require some sort of commitment and dedication from a person.


The Zwartkops Marshals Club is run by our Chief Marshal namely Schultz Swanepoel, who has many years of racing experience and always buys the first round of beers after an event. As a club we are involved in many other events like the Round Table Bed Race, Top Gear shows and Hillclimbs.


Some of our members are also involved in officiating on rallies while others have completed their COC exams to officiate as COC’s and Stewards on numerous circuits.

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We are a family friendly club that welcomes families to join us and become part of our team. The beginning of each year we have a major training day and after each race we have a social bring and braai where we can socialize with each other as well as competitors. There is a minimal yearly fee that is used for the administration of the club.


Please feel free to email us if you need any further information or if you want to join us for a track orientation day.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Never Forget - Without marshals we can't go racing!