The International Sports Racing Prototypes

Despite being almost 50 years old, these cars are as fast as many of our contemporary racing cars. Heading the field will be Kennet Persson from Sweden in his McLaren M5, being challenged by Larry Wilford’s Lola T70, Mark du Toit and Peter Bailey’s 1970 Porsche 917, and Rob Beaumont’s modified Le Mans Porsche 917 RSR, also from the early 70s. The Chevron B8s of Jonathan du Toit and Piet Bradenham will also be chasing the field. The Trans-Am cars, and certainly the most fearsome Chev Camaros of Ben Morgenrood and Hennie Groenewald, will also be seen at the 23rd Passion for Speed.

See you at Zwartkops!

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