Legends of the 9 Hour

Pre 1966 The world war babies of the 1940’s were young adults in the 1960’s. They knew little about war and the great depression. They lived in a new age of media, radio, telephonic and television communication and their music was Rock ‘n Roll. With it, however came new influences and old order values and tensions. This new generation displayed a vigor and flamboyancy of a new culture with the quest for freedom to express their own destiny and write… Read More

Historic Tour Events – 2015

Date Track Categories 31 Jan 2015 Zwartkops International – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG 7 Feb 2015 Killarney International – (INV) LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG 7 Mar 2015 Kyalami LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG 11 Apr 2015 Dezzi LGD, SP&GT, LG – (INV) ISP, TA 9 May 2015 Kyalami LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG 6 Jun 2015 Zwartkops LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG 4 Jul 2015 Phakisa LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG 19 Sep 2015 Zwartkops LGD, SP&GT, ISP,… Read More

Historic Tour Events – 2016

Date Track Categories 30 Jan 2016 Zwartkops International: LG+U2/SP&GT/TA/ISP/COC 6 Feb 2016 Killarney International: LGND/LG/SP&GT/TA/ISP/COC – INV 12 Mar 2016 Red Star Raceway LS+U2/LG/SP&GT/ISP 9 Apr 2016 Zwartkops LS+U2/LG/SP&GT/ISP/COC/TA 4 Jun 2016 Dezzi LS+U2/LG/SP&GT/ISP/TA 16 or 18 Jun 2016 Kyalami ALL CATEGORIES – NON CHAMPIONSHIP 6 Aug 2016 Kyalami LS+U2/LG/SP&GT/TA/ISP/COC 10 Sep 2016 Phakisa LS+U2/LG/SP&GT/ISP 8 Oct 2016 Zwartkops LS+U2/LG/SP&GT/TA/ISP/COC 26 Nov 2016 Aldo Scribante INV Summary LS+U2 7 Stand Alone 3 SP&GT + TA 7 Stand Alone 1 ISP… Read More

Media Release – The “Ducktail” Chevron B8’s of the sixties – 31 January 2015

The “Ducktail” Chevron B8’s of the sixties. True to the era in which they were created the “Ducktail” Chevron B8 made a huge impact in the world sports car racing. Designed by Derek Bennet in 1965 the car was not only unique in design but practical and relatively cheap to run. A very effective racing car from clubman’s right through to the more professional teams. South African first made contact with the B8 Chevrons in the 1968 Nine Hour when… Read More

Media Release – Special Lola T70 Tribute car to race at Zwartkops – 31st January 2015.

Special Lola T70 Tribute car to race at Zwartkops on 31st January 2015. A 1967 Lola T70 Coupe which has a significant connection with South Africa in the sixties will be racing in the South African Tourist Trophy. This car is a tribute to the 1967 Lola Austin Martin which was raced by John Surtees, Mike de Udy and Peter de Klerk at Le Mans, SPA and Nurburgring. The Lola was converted to a Ford engine and bought by Paul… Read More