Extreme Festival Gallery

Photographs of the Extreme Festival events held regularly at Zwartkops Raceway. Photographs in these galleries courtesy of:

Bridgestone Challenge (Brunch Run)

Join us on Facebook 1. Bridgestone Challenge Rules: Bridgestone Challenge is a category that aims to cater for new and social riders. It is aimed at the riders that attend the Zwartkops Brunch Run Sundays (however all riders are welcome). All participants are to be members of the Zwartkops Racing Club. 2. Control tyre: All riders will be required to race on the series sponsor (Bridgestone) tyres. The R10 & VO2 brand tyres will be the options available to each… Read More

TV Broadcast Schedule and Times

TV Schedule

TV Broadcast Times and Schedules as provided by broadcaster. Please Note: Broacast times and schedule might be subject to change without prior notification. See the below TV schedule from the Zwartkops Historic Tour – 3rd of November Sat 27 Oct: 7.30am and 5.30pm Sun 28 Oct: 1.30am and 1.30pm Mon 29 Oct: 3.30am Tues 30 Oct: 7.30am Weds 31 Oct: 11.30am Thurs 01 Oct: 7.30pm Watch all the Extreme Festival races on the 2WheelsTV YouTube Channel