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National Challenge


This series is a product of the Bike Schools / Academies and the Sunday Brunch Runs at Zwartkops. To encourage these participants and other Club / Regional racers to participate in motorcycle racing at invitation level the Zwartkops Thunderbike Challenge has been established.

The Thunderbike Challenge is open to all MSA licence holders. A rider younger than 16 may apply to the committee who (in conjunction with MSA) will decide if the rider is eligible.

All participants are to join Zwartkops Racing Club.

Eligibility of Motorcycle

Prospective competitors must ensure that the motorcycle entered for any event, must comply with the following rules as listed below:
  1. 600cc and larger capacity motorcycles are permitted to take part.
  2. Front brake pads and callipers must be lock-wired at all times.
  3. Full face helmets with double D-ring fasteners, full leathers, armour protective gloves and ankle protecting boots, all in good condition, to be worn at all times.
  4. No coolant of any kind will be allowed in the radiator. Water only.
  5. The Thunderbike committee’s decision regarding tyres is final. At this point all makes of tyres are welcome.
  6. The use of tyre warmers is permitted.
  7. Modifications – There is no restriction on any performance modifications that may be done on the motorcycle, exhaust, air filter, suspension, tuning etc.
  8. Competitors may not fit turbos, super-chargers or Nox.
  9. Headlights, tail lights, brake lights, indicators, mirrors etc. should be removed.
  10. Side and/or centre stands should be removed.
  11. Oil filler cap, sump plugs and oil filter should be locked wired at all times whilst racing.
  12. All competitors are required to have the series sponsor’s stickers on their motorcycle. Refusal to put the stickers in the position requested by the committee will result in the competitor being excluded from competition.

Eligibility of Rider

Riders must hold a current circuit MSA licence. A rider younger than 16 may apply to the committee who (in conjunction with MSA) will decide if the rider is eligible.

All riders whether they hold club, regional or national MSA licences are eligible to enter Thunderbikes provided they conform to the class times specified.


The committee will decide in which class a rider will ride. A new rider will be allocated to a class after race 1. This will be based on his/her best lap time in qualifying and race 1. The maximum lap times for each class at non-Zwartkops events will be determined by the committee and communicated to the riders before qualifying at the event. If a rider exceeds the class lap time point 4.5 applies. Riders in class A6 will score points in both class A6 as well as the time classes from A-C.

Class Time to Time
A 01:03.50 01:05.49
B 01:05.50 01:07.49
C 01:07.50 slower
A6 Bikes with capacity smaller than 700cc. Riders in class A6 will score points in both class A6 as well as the time classes from A-C.
Ladies class All female riders
Masters class All riders born before 1 January 1969

If a rider changes motorcycle to a different make or cc and/or significantly modifies his/her existing motorcycle (the committees decision is final), then the rider will be re-classed based on the lap times achieved as per rule 4.1. The onus is on the rider to inform the committee if he/she has changed motorcycle or significantly modified his/her existing motorcycle.

If a new rider joins Thunderbikes at a non-Zwartkops event the Thunderbikes committee will allocate the rider to a class based on the lap times achieved by the new rider in qualifying and race 1. A class change to a higher class will take place at the next event (unless point 4.6 is met), if during the same season a rider breaks his/her class time by lapping faster in any two different sessions (qualifying, race 1 and race 2 are defined as a session).

If a rider breaks his/her class time but has already participated in 7 events of the season (and provided the rider does not change motorcycle), the rider will not move up to the higher class and will remain in his/her class for the remainder of the season. Example – A rider has competed in events 2 through 8 (i.e. 7 events) and at the 9th event this rider breaks his/her class time, rule 4.6 will apply and this rider will not move up a class.

The Thunderbike committee shall have the right to change a rider’s class in their sole discretion at any time. A rider may at any time apply to the Thunderbike committee in writing, supported by good reason, to change a rider from a higher class to a lower class (ie from Class B to Class C). Should this class change be allowed, the rider will immediately revert back to the original class should he/she break the new class time once in qualifying or any race.

Lap times achieved in Brunch Run and Thunderbikes will be taken into account for Thunderbike class allocation. Lap times achieved in other categories/classes will not be taken into account. Lap times achieved in 2013 will also not be taken into account for 2014 class allocation.

If a rider is a first time rider in Thunderbikes and does a lap time faster than 01:03.00 (or similar at a non-Zwartkops event as determined by the Thunderbike Committee), then this rider will receive a 30 second penalty which will be added to his/her race time. This will be added per race that the lap time is exceeded.

If a rider does a lap time faster than the class A lap time in two different sessions (qualifying, race 1 and race 2 are defined as a session), then this rider is considered exceptionally good. This rider is then wished well and he/she must race in national championship motor cycle racing. The rider is not eligible to race in Thunderbikes unless rule 4.6 applies – if 4.6 applies the rider will be allowed to complete the year racing in Thunderbikes and score class A points.


Points will be scored per race and separately in each class. If the class has four or more competitors at the race event then points will be scored as follows
1st – 25 points 6th – 10 points 11th – 5 points
2nd – 20 points 7th – 9 points 12th – 4 points
3rd – 16 points 8th – 8 points 13th – 3 points
4th – 13 points 9th – 7 points 14th – 2 points
5th – 11 points 10th – 6 points 15th – 1 point
If there are less than four competitors then points will be scored as follows:

1st – 16 points
2nd – 13 points
3rd – 11 points

A rider must be classified as a finisher on the results in order to score points.

If a rider changes class then based on the below table he/she will carry the specified percentage of points (rounded to the nearest point) to the higher class.

Event Points percentage carried
At or before 4th Event 100%
5th Event 90%
6th Event 75%
7th Event 65%
8th Event or later 0%
Example: A rider usually competes in class C but breaks into class B (per point 4.5) at the fifth event. This rider will carry 90% of his/her points into class B.

All points scored in class A-E will count towards the overall championship regardless of class. Example: A rider has scored 161 points in class C and at the 6th event breaks into class B. This rider then scores 90 points in class B in the remaining races of the season.

The rider will be classified in the championships with the following points:

Class C – 161 points
Class B – 161 x 75% = 121 (rounded) plus 90 = 211
Overall – 161 plus 90 = 251

All races (even non-Zwartkops races) score points and count towards the championship.

A rider may elect to not score points. The points will then be scored as if the rider did not compete in the championship.

Riders that join Thunderbikes from Brunch Run may carry points into the Thunderbike championship per rule 5.3.

Starting Order

Race 1 – best lap in qualifying, Race 2 – finishing order of race 1


Although points will be scored on a per race basis, trophies are awarded on the combined race times of race 1 and race 2 (or race 3 in the event that there are three races on a day). Trophies will be awarded based on the discretion of the promoters.

Race Dates

  • 3 Feb – Zwartkops INT (BC & BSB)
  • 9 March – Zwartkops (Reg Fest) (BC & BSB)
  • 13 April – Midvaal (Reg fest) (BC)
  • 27 April – E.L (POBD) (BSB)
  • 8 June – Phakisa (Reg Fest) (BC & BSB)
  • 20 July – RSR (Reg fest) (BC & BSB)
  • 17 August – Midvaal (Reg fest) (BC & BSB)
  • 21 Sep – P.E. (Reg fest) (BC)
  • 28 Sep – C.T. (Nat fest) (BSB)
  • 19 Oct – Zwartkops – ALL Zwartkops DAY (BC & BSB)
  • 9 Nov – Zwartkops – (Reg fest) (BC & BSB)

BC – Bridgestone Challenge
BSB – Bridgstone SuperBikes

Contact Details

Lynette Fourie
Cell: 082 492 2756
Class Rep: Shaun Vermaak
Cell: 072 330 2223
Class Rep: Hennie Swanepoel
Cell: 072 154 9771