Zwartkops Driver Training

With current Road Trauma losses amounting to an estimated R 43 billion per annum, suffered by the Country as a result of preventable road accidents, Zwartkops World of Motoring stands firm in its’ commitment to Traffic Safety Education and Training. The specialized Motorsport Facilities at Zwartkops are being utilized extensively for Driver Training purposes, and the Zwartkops complex presently fulfils an indispensable role as a Comprehensive Facilities Centre for the advancement and promotion of Traffic Safety in the Gauteng Region.

In this respect, the composite Zwartkops World of Motoring site is being utilized on a daily basis for Driver Education and Training at all levels of Driver Proficiency and this in respect of all Vehicle Categories, including heavy vehicles and motorcycles.

The specialized facilities include the following:
  • An Arena Circuit designed to International FIA Standards which is used for day / night advanced driver training under simulated conditions.
  • An approved 4×4 Training Arena to International Standards.
  • A Commercial / Heavy vehicle training Arena with variable gradients.
  • A compact training circuit for vehicle handling and control skills training.
  • A dedicated Motorcycle training range.
  • A Skid-pan facility with a variable slip coefficient, for simulation of varying road surface conditions, and to facilitate varying levels of Training Outcomes. This is the largest and most advanced composite facility of its kind in Africa.
  • A variety of specially appointed lecturing facilities.

The Zwartkops Driver Training Centre which houses a Central Info Desk, as well as a Central Reception- and Luncheon Locale.
The Training Centre is registered with the Advanced Driver Training Industry Board of South Africa (A.D.T.I.B of S.A), as an accredited Driver Training establishment, and which also serves as the in-house Driver Training Provider at Zwartkops, with the following Driver Training programme being presented in short courses format, in accordance with A.D.T.I.B of S.A. uniform National standards and criteria:

  • Accident Prevention and Skid-Control Course.
  • National Advanced Driving Certificate course (AA certified and A.D.T.I.B. of S.A. accredited). Vehicle Handling and Control Course.
  • Individual, on-road proficiency evaluation, as well as -training and testing.
  • Hi-jack practical Orientation and Survival Course.
  • Specialized Courses which include Night Driving, Gravel Road Driving, Hi-Performance Driving, Tactical Driving, 4×4 Driving and Motorcycling.

The courses are outcomes based, in accordance with SAQA requirements (at NQF Level 5) which will ensure that OHS Act requirement are also being complied with by Employer Groups who delegate their employees to attend the courses.

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