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The 14th Passion for Speed at Zwartkops International World of Motoring – 30/31 Jan 2015

The biggest weekend of circuit racing takes place at Zwartkops on Friday 30th of January & Saturday 31st January for cars and Sunday 1st of February for the Day of the Champion racing motorcycles.
castrol-edge-pre-1966-le-mans-sports-gt castrol-edge-pre-1966-le-mans-sports-gt
The 14th Passion for Speed – Golden Age of Motor racing will be celebrated in grand style at the end of January at Zwartkops Raceway. This event which has captivated the minds of young and old and takes place every year and it just gets bigger and better.
Champions past, present and future all be there and in action in cars and bikes of the greatest age of motor racing when the racing machines were fast, brutal, fragile low in technology but spectacular to experience and see in action.
In 2015 there will be a number of special additions to the program. The Super-fast big production cars of the mid-sixties will be grouped into very special event known as the “Champion of Champions” with Mustang, Camaro’s, Ford Thunderbolt, Chev Nova, Ford Mercury Comet, Datsun 240Z all raced by some of the greatest names in South Africa motorsport.
The Pre-1966 Production Cars will be headed by icon, Sarel van der Merwe in the big red Galaxie, with Mike Briggs. Hennie Groenewald in the Plymouth Fury and from Dubai Brain Rowlings the II in the Ford Mustang, two international Mustangs and then the Alfa brigade are expected too amongst the big V8’s. The new under 2 litre class will feature Lotus Cortina, Gordini’s, Alfa’s and BMW. From Europe will come Chevron B8’s B19’s, GT40’s, Lotus Elan, Cooper Mazerate, Wainer and very special racing E-Type Jaguar. Confirmation of a special alignment from Italy is still awaited.
The Pre-1966/68 Le Mans / Sebring Sports & GT event will be feature no less than seven Ford GT 40’s, the E-Type, a Flamingo V8, three Mustangs, Cobras, Daytona and three Lola’s including a MK3 tribute car of John Love and Jackie Epstein who all raced in the great 9 Hours of the sixties.
pits-and-people pits-and-people
Historic Saloon with Chev Can-Am, original Mazda’s, Capri’s, BMW’s, will complete the historic feature of production cars.
The International Sports Prototypes for Pre-1974 cars should have four Porsche 917’s, two / three Lola T70’s, four Chevron B19’s, Chevron B8’s – some 14 iconic Sports Racing Prototypes some of which were even parts of the Formula One cars of the day. They will be complemented by the Le Mans GT Porsche RSR’s and group 5 Saloons of the day.
The very popular Pre-1966/68 Little Giants is one of the fastest growing categories of the sport and will have a huge variety cars, little BMW, Mini Marcos, and MG, Healy Sprite, Austin A35’s to the day.
The day will also include the Isle of Man racers and winners such as Jan Simpson, Allan Walker, Derrick Crutchlow, Allan Duffs, twelve of them will take on South Africa Legends. The modern element on the program will be the Extreme Supercars and the Ferrari Racing Series – GT247 Challenge.
Lotus Challenge and Historic Single Seaters with International cars and drivers are also on the program.
marlboro-crane-hire-historic-saloons-abcde skf-pre-1966-little-giants-legends
Plenty of action plus the support of the Franschoek Motor Museum with a 007 Formula One Tyrrell, Gunston and Lexington F2 and Atlantic plus the SA built Serrurier / Sam Jengle LDS chassis.
Classis Formula One will demonstrate with other single seaters. Family entertainment will be plenty – a Marlboro Crane – one of the biggest in Africa will lift you high in the sky, air display, music, special children play parks etc.
A great day for the family!
Tickets available at the gate on the day: R170 Adults, R110 students and children under 12 free. However if you buy from Computicket or from the Zwartkops office before event you will receive a discounted rate of: R150 Adults, R90 Students.
See you at Zwartkops on 30/31st of January 2015!
Legends of the 9 Hour SKF Racing

A great year for Legends and an even greater year in 2015

To all Legends of the 9 Hour competitor’s entrants and sponsors a big THANK YOU for the support.
We congratulate not only our champions but all those who participate in the Legends Series. It is not the news as much as the “response to the news” that counts. The response to Legends / Historics in South Africa and worldwide for that matter is extremely positive, public interest is at an all-time high as the motoring public identify with the icons of the past from diminutive Austin’s, BMW’s to the might of Alfa, Ford, Chevrolet…
skf-pre-1966-legends-of-the-9-hour skf-pre-1966-legends-of-the-9-hour
genie-pre-1974-international-sports-prototypes genie-pre-1974-international-sports-prototypes
The Pre-1974 Series comprising Pre-1966 Production Cars, Pre-1966/68 Sports & GT, Little Giants for Sports & Production Cars, Pre-1974 international Sports prototypes and now has some 180 cars or in the pipeline. This is an amazing outcome of the vision of many car owners to capitalize on the Golden Age of Motor Racing from the late 1950’s through to the early 1970’s.
The development and build of tribute cars has even resulted in locally “tribute” cars now being recognised and entered internationally. This is a great achievement and is hailed by the Legends of the 9 Hour Racing Club. Our TV viewership and news-post plus social media is growing and increasingly being recognized as primary show and is often mentioned in the corporate world. We cannot however become complacent and have to adjust and grow this very special niche of motorsport so…
Whist we cannot ignore the economic realities of the time and the increasing cost of keeping the Legends on track we will be initiating a number of new innovations in 2015 but first our racing calendar in the year ahead.
30th / 31st January 2015: it will be bigger and better with some exciting International participants to complement our increasing growing fields. Friday will be official qualifying practice and then everybody will be invited to the Friday evening braai with some very interesting “tale telling” of local folklore and international comings and goings of yesteryear.
Please refer to our regulations attached and on the website The participating categories are not cost in stone and will be adjusted on the entries received.
skf-pre-1966-legends-of-the-9-hour skf-pre-1966-legends-of-the-9-hour
The Legends will have a championship round for certain categories. The pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT will have a two round championship – 2015 SA Tourist Trophy – 45 Minute event (2 drivers optional) Championship.
The day will also feature a new event “Champion of Champions” for Pre-1972 cars based on Pre- 1966/68 plat form with champions – past, present and future – a brave experiment which should be big public support.
The 2015 event will be broadcast on Super Sport, Ignition and in the UK. Please refer to web for more details.
6th & 7th February 2015 – Killarney, Cape Town. We trust that a good number of our Legends will find their way to Cape Town and help support and establish the Series nationwide.
skf-pre-1966-little-giants-legends skf-pre-1966-little-giants-legends


  • Sunday 25 January – Registration Day – Zwartkops
  • 31 Jan – Zwartkops – INT – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG
  • 7 Feb – C.T. – INT (INV) – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG
  • 7 March – Kyalami – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG
  • 11 April – Dezzi – LGD, SP&GT, LG (INV) ISP, TA
  • 2 May – Kyalami – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG
  • 6 June – Zwartkops – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG
  • 4 July – Phakisa – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG
  • 19 Sep – Zwartkops – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG
  • 10 Oct – Phakisa – (INV) – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG
  • 14 Nov – Kyalami – LGD, SP&GT, ISP, TA, LG
  • 8th round TBA
  • ISP – ISP
The Legends in 2015: Please refer to sporting regulations for all the categories: the technical regulations are also on the website under Legend Series.

Of particular interest next year will be the Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour, which can be summed up as follows;

  • ZA – Cut off time 74 seconds
  • ZB / Y – Consolidate of
  • ZX will be known as the Legends under 2 litre Production class.
Then the three “Little Giants” classes; The Legends under 2 litre Production Class will be administered by a separate committee – this will be on entity on its own and will have separate awards and starting procedures.
The C of C (Champion of Champions) category will be for the 72/74 seconds cars with Pre-1967 plat forms. They will complete as a separate class or where entries are less than 10 will have a separate class with the Pre-1966/68 Sports & GT where they compete in the late sixties.
The Pre-1966 Production Cars and Pre-1966/68 Sports & GT will be regional championship in 2015 whilst the Little Giants, Trans-Am and ISP will have Legends Championship status.
Finally a big thank you to our 2014 Sponsors, SKF, Castrol and Trans Africa Racing.
To all Legends and families have a great festive season, travel safe and see you in 2015.
Peter du Toit Chairman – Legends of the 9 Hour Racing Club.
Legends Series – Points – 2014
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