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Bridgestone Sub10 Superbikes

Inland ChampionshipInland Championship - Round 8 - 07 October 2017 - Zwartkops Raceway - PreviewThe eight and penultimate round of the Inland Championship will take place at Zwartkops Raceway outside Pretoria this coming Saturday, October the 7th, 2017. This will be their third and final visit to this venue for the season.

After the previous round of the Bridgestone BMW Club Racing Series at Zwartkops Raceway where nine drivers broke out of their time classes, the championship picture and track battles took on a new dimension. The Red Star round proved to be an even more significant round than some might have expected.

After heading up both the overall and Class A Championship tables, Julian Fameliaris (E36 328i Turbo) experienced a nightmare of a round at Red Star and is now lying in second behind Lorenzo Gualtieiri (E36 328i Turbo). Gualtieri, now in fourth overall in the overall championship table, will be going all out on a track he favours in an attempt to close the gap on the overall leaders and also try to edge a bigger gap against his main rival in the form of Julian. Rest assured, if all the gremlins on Julian’s car got sorted, he would be up for the challenge as defending champion. Julian’s cousin, Dino Fameliaris (E36 M3 Turbo) will also be ready to pounce should one of the others put a foot wrong as he has proven in the past he is very capable of fighting for and snatching up a win.

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