The 17th Passion for SpeedThe unique aspect of this event is this opportunity to see, hear and recall motor racing history in action..the cars and the history of the days when it was speed and glory. Safety and technology were of secondary importance. And we were part of it all..

Cars in action

Racing will be the notorious LOTUS 24 of Alan Bailey…

The story of the Lotus 24…1962…Colin chapman designed this Formula One car to take the new British 1, 5 litre V8 engine. The chassis was lightly constructed. Colin believed that a racing car must only last as long as the chequered flag. Then it can fall apart. Team lotus raced the 24 and Lotus sold the same car to a good number of other teams. Halfway through the season Colin sprung a surprise on everybody and produced the first monocogue Fl the Lotus 25… The car was a major break with the past and brought in a new era. No 25s were made available to the private teams. The parts were not interchangeable either. So these privateers had to make do with the 24 which was flawed. There were some minor successes but no real achievements. The problem Lotus 24 claimed the lives of young Ricardo Rodrigious, Gary Hocking, and so nearly Trevor Taylor. It was lethal and frail which caused reliability problems as well.

For South Africans the story was not pleasant. Our reigning S.A. Champion Syd van der Vyver bought Jack Brabhams s 24 only to find it was not much quicker than his 21. The car caught fire and burnt out putting Syd out of motor racing. At the Natal grant Prix in 1963 Gary Hocking died as the car jumped out of gear causing him to lose control, Paddy Driver imported one for the S.A. Grand Prix at East London and it crashed and rolled in practice. Tony Maggs was contracted to drive one at Kyalami -Rand Grand Prix. It broke in practice. So the story goes HOWEVER, the design had something and today with a bit of re-engineering on the chassis the Lotus 24 has become a very successful pre 1966 Formula racer.

At Zwartkops a Lotus 24 BRM has been entered by Alan Bailie. The sight and sound of this 1,5 litre V8 screamer will be something to behold.  Another Formula One car of the early sixties will be the P261 BRM OF Andrew Wareing from the U.K. This is the car which Richard Attwood drove in 2 litre form at Monaco.

In addition the F1 of the early sixties there are the U.K contingent of 1.1 litre single seaters…Lotus 22 (same as the Ted Lanfear car which Bob van Niekerk raced so successfully) the Lotus 27 which was the ultimate Formula Junior and which was uncatchable being of monocoque design, Cooper, Wainer, Caravelle.. 

The Passion for Speed …Great Cars… Real cars are that fast as today’s racers

The magnificent men and women who are brave enough to race them

….and drama just where you go…

All the action at Zwartkops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 26/27/28 January.

See the magnificent racing E type Jaguars in action…  Two from the U.K. the fastest production racing GT of its day.

The McLaren of 1965/66. The British saw the potential of putting a big American V8 into a British designed chassis and winning the USA Canadian/American Championships…

The Lola 70, Spyder, Coupe and the Mk 3B s. when Ford took over the Lola designed V8 coupe and it became the Ford GT40..They did not take into account Eric Broadly, who walked away from Ford and designed the Lola T70 range of V8 sports GT cars, at a fraction on the cost these Lola’s won the US/Canadian.. Can AM Series and pounded the race tracks of the world.

They became highly effective racing cars. Spectacular to see in action..  Big, powerful, the right noise and winners.

There should be five of these Lola’s at Zwartkops with the Spyder version(two) and a coupe in the pre-1966 /68TT and two big MK 3B’s in the ISP race.. All the big names of sixties raced these Lola’s. They were an integral part of the Springbok Series.

The Pre 1974 international Sports Racing cars will feature two Lola T212s from Sweden .These beautifully crafted racers were all part of the Springbok series of the late 1960s with our leading FI drivers Charlton, de Klerk, Love, Driver, Keizan, Pretorius all achieving amazing feats in them and they are still as fast as their modern counterpart without the driver aides.

Chevron will be represented with the iconic B8s in TT and ISP plus the effective B19s. There should be five Chevrons including a special B19 from Sweden.

The Porsche 917s the car that very few F1 drivers wanted to drive when first released in 1969.It was lethal… Yet once sorted became the world’s fastest Sports racer… Some of the bravest drivers came with men like Pedro Rodrigious… Jo Siffert, Brian Redman, David Piper, Richard Attwood raced these cars. Steve McQueen based his Le Mans epic on the Porsche 917 vs Ferrari battle at Le Mans.  There should be at least three of these cars at the iconic cars Jan.

Ford GT 40 s The car that was built by Ford to beat Ferrari at his own game.. and it did… Four times a Le Mans winner… Sebring, Brands, Silverstone, Europe…  All over the world the Ford GT carved its name into eternity .There will be at least five of these magnificent machines on tracks.. Two from Sweden matched against the Dalias, Dino Scribante cars..

The name of Cobra/Shelby will feature prominently on the programme. . .The Daytona Coupes with local and international drivers, the Shelby Coupes, Cobras  (two/three).These were the cars that challenged David Pipers Ferraris before the Ford GT 40 arrived… incredibly exciting to see the huge power slides. Who can ever forget Olthoff/Gardner/Sears Cobra/Willment Coupe of 1963/4..The drivers are gone but the cars will be there with great memories attached to them piloted by another generation pf drivers…

Then …, Well there is a special Lotus 47…only one ever raced in the 9 Hour…Now we will have a U.K. entered Lotus 47, The South African specials… Mpiti, Maranello 412, Lancia, the Ecosse which Jack Holme built out of a Lotus 18, racing GSM Darts…ETC

One of the few surviving kit car manufactures of the early 1960’s is the Ginetta.  The one entered and to be raced By Josh Dovey in the TT is a highly professional racing car.  This little car is as good and competitive as the Chevron B8.

 No event of this magnitude will be complete without Ferrari as special event with only Ferrari from the iconic Ferrari 250GT to the screaming modern V8 458

None but the brave

Then the Legends of 9 hour Pre 1966 Production cars 12-16 of their brutes, who are heavy, do not steer and run out of brakes. Only for the brave.

Galaxie, Bel-Air, Mustang  Studebaker, Barracuda, Chevelle

The Pre 1966 under 2 litre range Production cars Fantastic Racing

Lotus Cortina, Alfa Guilia, Alfa GT, Volvo, Mini Cooper BMW

The Mighty Little Giants

Production and sport cars of the late fifties and early sixties.

This generation wanted to go racing so they tried their hand at anything that had four wheels- little Austin A35 s Grand Ma’s shopping car. The ridiculous Nash Metropolitan (Nash Shrank their large cucumber) Mini’s, Ford Anglia’s copycat Consul 315 by Ford. South African made sports cars GSM Darts. Then the specialists turned a Mini into a toad- the Marcos. The little Giants did grow up and by the mid-sixties took on the big guns with Renault R8’s Mini Coopers, Volvo, Porsches some  of the most amazing  feats were Renault R8 Gordini’s beating Lola’s, Ferraris…in the wet.

The South African engineered special edition production cars like the Tony Viania BMWs, Capri Perana Batmobiles, Alfa GTV, Ford Escort, Dastun 240 ZS, S.A. Historic production car racing at its best.

The Boys are Back  –  VW Celeb Challenge:  Sarel van der Merwe, Willie Hepburn, Mike Briggs, Geoff Mortimer, Chris Aberdein, Ben Morgenrood, Deon Joubert, Wild Card

Extreme Series – Cars

The Passion for Speed day also embraces the fastest GT racing cars in South Africa.

These are the supercars of today with spectacular speed and technology in action on the Zwartkops track. Franco Scribante Porsche, Charl Arrangies, Aston Martin, Ferrari Lotus, Lamborghinis   BMW GT 3/4 unbelievable cars, unbelievably spectacular it cannot get any better.

Passion for Speed the high octane centrepiece of South Africa motor racing.

Expect breath-taking battles, astonishing car control and phenomenal racing cars in action. A theatre of action at an affordable cost. Family entertainment, catering, easy access, take a Mini Moke ride for young and old.

Day of the Champion

The South African classic SuperBikes Championship South Africa vs England. Six South Africans and Six England riders to ride for the Day of the Champion cup at Zwartkops and Killarney. Heading the U.K contingent will be:   Michael Dunlop,  Alan Duffus,  Robert Burns,  Mike Alborough,  Bry Bayes,  Carl Tiffany,  Gordon Grigor,  Ian Simpson,  Iain MacPherson, Howard Selby

And the South African team will be:  Roland Alborough,  Noel Haarhoff,  Iain Pinkerton,  Adrian Gibbon,  Leon vd Berg,  Mike McSkimming,  Jonathan Pells, Fergal McAdam, Douw Coetzee, Timothy Romans, Gary Hunter, Etienne Louw

They will be part of a 24 bike field of racing masters. This will be a major feature on Sunday.


On demonstration Sunday Dave Peterson will ride the ex-Kenny Roberts, Proton.  This is one of the most amazing racing bikes ever produced .What a unique opportunity do we have in seeing this incredible machine in action. To try and capture the spirit of the day the following wording may be appropriate.

The Passion of Speed at Zwartkops 26/27/28TH Jan        

The High Octane centrepiece of South African Motor Racing

Born in the age of the James Dean generation a go, go, go culture too the high technology of the racing super cars.

Great racing cars of almost every age.

Brave  Racing Drivers

Breath-taking on track battles. Off track family entertainment. It’s time to rock ‘n rock to the age of Passion for Speed.

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