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Legends Newsletter 4/2014


Zwartkops 12th of April

  • Review & Points – 12th of April 2014
  • TV Flightings – Ignition channel 189 10/11 May & 17/18 May: Saturday = 08h00; 14h00 & Sunday = 04h00; 14h00.
  • Next round Legends is on the 7th of June – Zwartkops Day/Night event.
  • International DVD’s available at Zwartkops “Simply the Best”
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Everyone a Legend:

It is almost beyond comprehension that we in South Africa can put together a field of international standard of cars that were – big and small – the great icons of the “Golden Age of Motor Racing”. Sixty three Legends spread over five categories – of Pre-1966 Production Cars, Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT racers, the “Little Giants” making up a combined field of Pre-1968 Production and Le Mans Sebring cars, the Pre-1974 Trans-Am and International Sports Racing Prototypes.
It was not only the spectacle of seeing these cars on track but also the competitive nature of the drivers – these are not demonstration Legends – they are raced and very competitively. “THIS IS GREAT MOTOR RACING” and we South Africans are part of what is considerable to be the greatest age of motor racing when technology was low, the emphasis speed, and just about everything was raced.
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SKF Pre-1966 Production Cars:

From Cape Town come Ferdi van Niekerk Jnr in his Mustang to take on the Mustang of Franco Scribante, and Thomas Falkiner, Hennie Groenewald was down to drive the Mercury Comet of SP Racing. The Fords were to be challenged by the Chev’s of Jonathan du Toit, Mark du Toit and Peter Bailey. (Peter was a late entry in the Bel-Air after the Golden Hawk back brakes would not co-operate). The ZB cars – Alfas of Clive Densham and Patrick Gearing and MJ Maerien (Ford Fairlane) were extremely close to the ZA times. The ZA cars are being brought back through tyres and restrictors. In class Y was Roy Prando in his Alfa GT and X’s were the 2 litre cars of Rob Gearing (BMW), and John Simpson (Alfa) and Brian Cook (Lotus Cortina). Both the Comet and Mustang (Falkiner) withdrew as a result of engine problems.
The battle up front was left to Franco, Ferdi, Jono and Mark – Peter Bailey still has to come to grips of the big V8 power up front not from the rear!
Try as he might Jono could not catch the orange Mustang whist Ferdi Jnr spun handing third to Mark’s Chevelle. In the second heat Jonathan and Ferdi had a slight coming together at ZOC which handed second overall to Mark for the day.
Legends-2014-04-12-028.jpg Legends-2014-04-12-029.jpg
Roy Prando got the better of all the ZB cars in his Alfa GT, poor Clive Densham carburettor come loose in the first heat but made up for it in the second by winning ZB. Overall on the day MJ Maerien won ZB from Patrick Gearing whist Roy Prando took Y honours.

Based on the times achieve on the day the following post-race adjustments have been made:

  • Roy Prando (Alfa GT) from class Y to X.
  • Brian Cook (Lotus Cortina) from class Y to X
  • John Simpson (Alfa GT) from class Y to X
  • Rob Gearing (BMW) from Y to X
From Little Giants (see report); (x) Gino Allasio (Alfa Guilia) (x) Mark Miller (Alga Guilia) (x) Lawrence Davies (Alfa Guilia). These three competitors will score points under class X. The next event they will compete as class X should these competitors wish to re-rate downwards to class W, the cars will have to be restricted.
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Pre-1966/68 Little Giants:

A full entry of 27 little giants produced some dynamic and high profile motor racing.
Gino Allasio was on pole, Mark Miller his next door neighbour and Stuart Greig in the Mini Marcos (which was re-allocated to the Sports & GT and then promptly blew-up!), then another Alfa Guilia of Laurence Davies. It was a packed field and the times were really close. In the middle of the pack was Thomas Falkiner in the white Dart – a bit of a novel experience for a Ford Mustang driver.
At the start Gino got a stone through the windscreen. Marc Millers Alfa lost momentum and the lead went to Laurence Davies restored Guilia however, you do not win a race until you cross the line – on the last lap the Alfas dizzy worked loose and that was that. So despite a loss of momentum Marc won heat one with the two Darts in close company – Falkiner and Chad ten Doeschate. Frank Copping in his revised Dauphine was a fine 4th.
Little-Giants-2014-04-12-025.jpg Little-Giants-2014-04-12-028.jpg
Race two produced plenty of drama. Gino’s (things can only get better) windowless Guilia got bumped by Chad’s blue Dart, Marc Miller Alfa retired with engine problems, Laurence Davies fought back but could not do better that seventh. Meanwhile up front Thomas got the better of the Dart and built up a bit of lead – then the distributor wire came loose forcing him into retirement. So it was left to Frank Copping to win overall but with a long train just behind him – Ishmael Baloyi (GSM Dart), Roger Houston (MGB), Josh Dovey (Healey Sprite), Nick Parrott (MGB) – great racing with plenty of variety and action.
Class adjustments; Thomas Falkiner promoted to Class D – Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT
Le-Mans-2014-04-12-014.jpg Le-Mans-2014-04-12-063.jpg

Trans Africa Racing Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT Series:

Just where in the world do we have three Daytona Coupes on the grid? Terry Wilford was entered in the PMT blue Daytona and Jonathan in the TAR red Daytona and Peter Lindenberg in the Lazarus blue and white car.
A great new car on our grid was Oliver Dalais in his new silver Ford GT40 – a magnificent car which gave two wins on the day.
Mark and Ross Lazarus were left to dispute class A. Ross outraced Mark in the early laps then Mark managed to bring the Lola through. Racing on the prescribed Dunlop’s has slowed the Lola – it is no longer that easy.
The big battle of the day was between Robin Kruger in the black Chevron B8 and Warren Lombaard in his Johnspeed Cobra. It was only in the late stage of the heat two that Robin managed to pass the Cobra – a long pedal is a big problem in a 500HP Cobra.
Le-Mans-2014-04-12-090.jpg Le-Mans-2014-04-12-128.jpg
The outcome of class C battle could have been a lot different had Evert Botha and Josh Dovey not collided on turn 4 in the second heat. The Lotus Elan, Cobra, Chevron B8 and Porsche 911 are all evenly matched cars and provide a great spectacle.
Dennis McBeath as usual put up a polished performance however in the second heat he had a very competitive Thomas Falkiner on his tail. Gary Swan’s Cobra – this is a road car and always looks good. Chad ten Doeschate in the venerable VPW Spyder could have won had he not spun.
ISP-Trans-Am-2014-04-12-015.jpg ISP-Trans-Am-2014-04-12-016.jpg

The Genie Pre-1974 ISP and Pre-1974 Trans-Am Series:

For 2014 these two categories will run with Consolidated Auctioneers Pre-1984 Sports & GT. This produced a grid of 27 cars headed by Franco Scribante magnificent orange Chevron B19, up next were Colin Ellison B19 and Dino Scribante Porsche RSR, Craig Pieterse took over the Genie Lola T70 followed by Jonathan’s B8 after problems in practice. Colin Frost entered two cars; the Lucky Strike Porsche 917 and for Shane Frost GT40. Frans Pretorius from Hi-Q Plettenberg entered the venerable Porsche RSR which unfortunately was badly damaged when Mike Schmidt collided with him on the first lap. Herman Kluge, George Avvakoumides, Mark Shepherd and Peter Bailey made up the rest of the ISP field. The latter had a class win in his “new” ex Peter Gough blue Porsche 911.
Trans-Am were represented by Eugene Gouws (Firenza), Mike Schmidt (Perana), Hennie Groenewald (SP Racing Datsun 240 Z) and Peter Schuman (Ford Escort).
This was a dramatic race. The first lap saw Jonathan charging through the field and having a huge coming together a “white” car in turn two. The damaged was only bodywork which made the Chevron look very second hand after its recent rebuild. In the same corner a “white” car collided with Frans Pretorius Porsche which put both cars out for the day. Jono tried to catch the B19 but ended up 0.6 seconds behind Franco. The big Lola of Craig Pieterse had a misfire and dropped steadily back leaving Dino Scribante to third overall in his Porsche RSR. Colin Frost was fourth overall whilst the blue Ford GT40 of Shane Frost faded with a failed clutch, Peter Jenkins lovely yellow B19 (Zetec) come home in fifth place whilst the other Chevron B19 faded with gearbox problems.
ISP-Trans-Am-2014-04-12-063.jpg ISP-Trans-Am-2014-04-12-014.jpg
Franco Scribante got the better of the rest in the second heat however a gearbox problem slowed him dramatically on the last two laps and was almost caught by Jonathan who was also struggling to select fourth gear. Colin Frost magnificent 917 claimed class B and third overall on the day with Craig’s Lola T70 still battling with a misfire.
In Trans-Am Hennie Groenewald got the Datsun 240 Z going lapping in 1min12 seconds only to side lined by a loose radiator! Overall the day belonged to Franco, Jonathan, Colin Frost (Class B), Herman Kluge, Mark Shepherd and Peter Bailey (Porsche RSR).
Members News: Congratulations to Jonathan and Tarryn du Toit – a baby boy Callum (9.4 LBS!)

Cars for Sale:

Project Cars:

  • 1961: Sunbeam Alpine 1500; complete with roll cage, hard top and re-sprayed: R25 000.
  • 1960: Studebaker – Black Hawk; Legends car; Body and chassis redone. Completely stripped, complete with original engine/gearbox, all in pieces; plus papers R60 000.
  • 1975: Opel Manta’s (2): One ex Rally car; won W/P Rally Championship with Blydenstein engine – a bit rough but complete plus a spare complete Manta with papers: R30 000.
  • 1960: Volvo 544: complete no papers R25 000. Ideal “Little Giants” project.
  • 2005: Ex works Toyota Run-X complete plus spare engine etc. R60 000.
  • 1963: Racing Ford Anglia: Minus engine. Gearbox plus spare body R15 000.
  • 1959: Morris Minor, complete disk brakes but no engine R5 000.
  • Phone Sibo at Zwartkops: 076-223-9317

The Exclusive Auto Racing stable of Niel Reyneke/MJ Maerien:

  • 1964 Ford Fairlane (Legends Production Cars)
  • 1960 Chev Studebaker Lark (Legends Production Cars)
  • 1966 AC Cobra (Pre-1966 Le Mans Sports & GT cars)
  • 1966 Volvo P1800 (Little Giants series)
  • Phone MJ Maerien: 082-941-2378

Fred Phillips may want to sell his 1965 Ford Galaxie (Legend Production Car), phone 082-772-1909

Next race with all the Legends categories competing is at Zwartkops on the 7th of June 2014.

Legends Series – Points – 2014
Pictures: Paul Blackburn and Frikkie Ströh – www.RacePics.co.za
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