Legends of the 9 Hour

Saturday, 6th June – Round 4 at Zwartkops.

Simply the Best

If you want to go racing competitor, spectator and branding – The Legends of the 9 Hour has it all. Saturday, 6th June was no exception. It was a great day of racing, our only concern was the awful accident of Franco Scribante on Friday when the throttle jammed wide open coming out of turn 2 which resulted in Franco being hospitalised and the magnificent orange and white Mustang being totalled.

Simply the Best

Black Widow Chev

SKF LEGENDS – Pre’66-68 Production Cars

SKF Racing

The Champion of Champions event was combined with the Legend Saloons. This was as a result of Franco’s accident and four withdrawals. On the front row was Thomas Falkiner 111 Mustang, then Jaki Scheckter in the grey Mustang of Paolo followed by Hennie Groenewald in the SP Racing Mercury Comet. ZA was headed by Jeffrey Kruger – Chevelle, Jono – Nova and the Clive Densham Alfa GT. Roy Prando’s clutch broke in practice so he took over the Black Widow Chev – a new world of brakeless/ no steering cars of the fifties. Fortunately he started at the back as he found himself brakeless on lap one in turn four and big clouds of dust.

It was really great to have Brian Rowling’s and his “176” Mustang entered and racing with us once again. The U2 Class was something unbelievable, with nine entries. Musical chairs was played which resulted in Trevor Tuck starting at the back in the TAR BMW and John Simpson got his drive in the yellow Alfa GT. Patrick Gearing was on pole followed closely by Marc Miller (on sabbatical from the Far East) and then Gino Allasio, Roger Houston and Larry Davies.



The Race

Upfront it was Thomas who got away before being caught by Hennie, the Scheckter Galaxie got a flat tyre so it was Jono and Jeffrey to fight it out until the Chevelle spun. So Jonathan’s Nova finished fourth with Clive’s Alfa number 33 hot on his heels. The real battle as the U2 Class with the Guilia’s all together – tooth and nail with Patrick just making it to the line!



Race 1 times - SKF LEGENDS – Pre’66-68 Production Cars

Race 2

The big Legends provided the show with Hennie just beating Jaki by 0.296; Thomas had a spin which allowed the Nova through and the Smokey Yunick Chevelle being next up. Then the real battle of the U2’s, whilst Marc Miller got the gap the big shock to the trio of Guilia’s was Trevor Tuck’s drive in the white BMW. He made a real nuisance of himself and beat them to the line! A great race! Roy Prando got to grips with the American Icon and just managed to get ahead of the U2 battle behind him. In the end he claimed ZB honours ahead of Brian Rowling’s Mustang.



SKF Legend Production Cars and LITTLE Giants

SKF Racing

Terence Botes Mini Cooper was on pole – ahead of the three Alfa’s Jaco Taylor, Shane and Jacques Baartman then Andrew Wilson in the blue TVR. “Puzzle of the DAY” when you are on pole and lights go out how can you be penalised for a jump start?

This was the lot that befell Terence and his Mini. It was a problem that nobody could resolve! To exacerbate the issue the race was red flagged on lap six when Andre de Kok’s black Dart destroyed his engine in turn 1 – oil and bits of conrod, just about everything you would think of laid strewn across the track! The winner was Shane Baartman, followed by Andrew Wilson and Keith van Heerden. The LITTLE Giants were ready for action for race 2.

Right from the start Terence Botes fought from fourteenth on the grid to finish fourth overall and second in class, with the fastest lap of the day 1.21. Terence got awarded “Driver of the Day” Terence’s performance cannot however, detract from the LITTLE Giants race. Andrew Wilson claimed line honours but once again it was the Alfa GT of Shane Baartman who was just 0.251 of a second behind the blue TVR at the end.

Shane won class W from Jaco Taylor, Mel Spurr (can you believe it) won her class in the yellow weird looking Ford 315. Peter Collings and Dean Smith, both Mini’s had wins as well. As well Budwick Singh in the MG Car Club MGB, not far ahead of the Porsche 356 of Clive Winterstein in the Sports Cars. Josh Dovey in the Healey Sprite beat the racing rev Neil Oosthuizen in the Alfa Spyder. A great event.



The ISP Pre’1974 – Pre’66-68 Sports and GT and ‘74 Trans-Am

SKF Racing

By combining all the Sports and GT categories we had a full field of 23 cars, the Pre’1966-68 Sports and GT category had some leading members missing, Mark du Toit Lola T70, Mark Lauth Lola T70 Coupe, Red Daytona etc.

Jonathan’s B8 made pole followed by Peter Jenkins B19, Neil Lobb and Colin Clay T70’s. Philip Pantazis in the IMSA Datsun, Andre van der Merwe (Porsche), Oliver Dalais Ford GT40, the 917 of Colin Frost…

The Pre’66 class B had three magnificent Cobras, Allan Garrow, Keith Hinkley and Gary Swan and mixing it with Shayne Frost and Fred Konig and interesting addition to the grid was Ben vd Westhuizen in a road going Marauder. This is a project car of which more will come later. The Trans Africa entry for production cars was headed by Jeffrey Kruger in the red Camaro (which unfortunately broke it’s gearbox in race 2)



Race 1

Jonathan and Peter Jenkins made the Chevron flag fly high and providing some real racing. They headed the 917 of Colin Frost home. The big orange Lola T70 of Neil Lobb had a spectacular exit in turn 4 when he had total brake failure – not a pleasant experience. The Colin Clay Lola T70 broke a drive shaft on the warm up lap – a great pity as these two Lola’s would have made life very difficult for the Chevrons. One of the best dices of the day was between Keith Hinkley and Allan Garrow’s 289 Cobra’s – these two were nose to tail all the way! A very rare occurrence was Dennis McBeath’s little MPITI which retired after 1 lap when the rear body work came adrift.



Race 2

It was the same with du Toit/ Jenkins – Jenkins getting past on at least two occasions but the No.18 Chevron fought back. Neil Lobb in the repaired Lola came through the field and was about to strike when the flag came out. Andre vd Merwe also fought back to get fourth overall, whilst Colin Frost (917) Oliver Dalais (GT40), Fred Konig (Porsche RSR) and Shayne Frost were all together. Keith Hinkley and Allan Garrow repeated their race dicing with the recovered MPITI of Dennis McBeath just behind. Our MSA chairman had the Porsche going around the circuit in a cloud of white smoke as the Porsche holed a piston.

Overall honours of the day went to the two Chevrons. The Frost father and son team taking honours in ISP B. Oliver Dalais, Keith Hinkley, Fred Konig, Andre vd Merwe and Kobus Brits in his Datsun SSS winning the Trans-Am class from Regard van Zyl (Alfa) and Colin Green in Thoroughbreds.



Franco Scribante – a total freak accident, but in motor racing we are always to expect the unexpected. Franco is philosophical about the crash.

The good news is that Franco is now at home and recovering and will be back racing Legends.

The Mustang will be rebuilt and if all things go according to plan, then Franco in the Mustang will be on the grid at our International in 2016.

A budget racer – the Marauder


On 6th June TAR entered a Marauder in the Pre’66-68 Sports and GT event. For a road registered car in a mild tuned – Alfa motor. It aquitted itself particularly well. The Marauder was the brain child of Peter Meefan, which is based on the Lotus 7 theme. It was first introduced at the Power 71 show. The prototype chassis was on display at a Randburg Garage in 1967/68.

We are not sure how many Marauders were built between 1969 and 1975, it would seem that production ended in 1974 with 50/60 chassis – they had a very wide variety of engines including Mazda Rotary (1973 9 Hour Car which withdrew after practice) there was also a club racing version – see club racer.

The Marauder will be a very effective and practical way to go racing – LITTLE Giants – Pre’66-68 Le Mans Sports and GT. There are still a good number around and on the market.


Pictures courtesy of RacePics.co.za.

1958 / 1974 The Great Years of South African Motor Racing.

Pre-1966 Legends of the 9 Hour Production Cars
Pre-1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT
Pre-1974 International Sports Prototypes
Pre-1966/68 Little Giants Production Sports & GT Cars
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