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Legends of the 9 Hour

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Review 2013

The Golden Age of Motor Racing

1955 to 1974 – “Our Past.”


The Passion for Speed

“The World War 2 babies of the forties were young adults in the sixties – they knew little about wars and depressions, their world was defined by Rock n Roll, they sought to express their own destiny and write their own story rather than follow the traditions of the past which had been passed on to them from preceding generations. They displayed a vigour and flamboyancy a way of a new culture – which at the time was reckless and with it all came the “Passion for Speed” International Sports Prototypes
They demanded performance … Hot Rods, dragsters, road race production cars and high profile motor racing on road and track was the culture of the day – ‘The James Dean generation’ and the motor industry responded from the big car manufacturers to the hole in the wall performance specialists… and they gave us… The World’s Fastest and Most Spectacular Racing Cars which in the period eclipsed Formula One”
We in South Africa were very much part of this culture and is now generally acknowledged as one of the top ten countries of the world which embraced this generation of dangerous creativity.
NOTE the ‘James Dean’ Passion for Speed generation came to an end as the war babies matured, had families of their own, became responsible citizens, the stock market collapses of 1969/70 and the first oil crisis in 1973 and with it the world of Motor Racing changed forever.

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Building ‘our’ future on our past

Over the past ten years through the promotion of our annual International Historic Festivals – in association with the International Sports Racing Prototype club, David Piper and Mike Knight we have developed and re-enacted the Golden Age of Motor Racing through the Legends of the 9 Hour series which today embraces:
1) Pre 1966/68 Le Mans Sports & GT cars.
It is almost beyond comprehension what has been achieved in this series, the sheer spectacle of three GT 40’s and a Lola T70 Spyder racing for overall honours is racing that is world class. Just behind this quartet came the Daytona’s, Cobra’s, MK1 Ford 40’s, Lotus Elan’s, modified MGA’s, GSM’s and then out overall champion Dennis Mc Beath in the late Terry Townsend MPITI Renault Special. South
South Africa has never had it so good even in the heyday of the 9 Hours. For 2014 there will be some new additions – Oliver Dalais will be campaigning a new (mk2) GT 40 in class A, Djurk Venter has a ‘new Daytona Coupe’ Alan Garrow a 289 Cobra, a rumour of a Tony Martin Cobra…. We need to get Craig Cummings red Lola T70 Spyder on the grid. Modified Production Sports & GT cars are thinning out. The investment values of these cars are rising and it is understandable that the owners are reluctant to modify them to for racing. However, we are fortunate that we have supporters like Josh Dovey who imported a Lotus 26R and Niel Reyneke who has commissioned a racing Volvo P1800 to enhance our grids. The V8 Flamingo GT should be completed shortly and the revised Healey V8 will join the ranks in 2014.
Garth Waberski has an interesting line up of Porsche Spyder/550A’s at his workshop in Spartan. Using the 1800cc VW air cooled engine in his recreation of these icon cars and you could be racing for about R100 000. This is an interesting project which together with South African specials such as the Lolette, Thompson Special, VPW, Scott etc. and we could have a full grid of very interesting cars. An interesting thought is that Garth has a 1967 Lola MK3 chassis and body which he may sell. This is a big budget car but put together in the right way may well be a very competitive class A car.
The amended regulations for 2014 – Technical and Sporting are on the Zwartkops website.

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2) Pre 1966 Production Cars – Legends of the 9 Hour.

If anything captured the imagination of the public in the early sixties it was the family saloon which became the sports car which earned its stripes on the race tracks of the world. It was NASCAR Production cars which came out of the USA with their big V8’s, Europe with racing Renault Gordinis, Italy, Alfa Romeo’s and the mother of them all was the British first the Jaguar, then Anglia’s, then the Mini Coopers, followed by Cortina’s and the infamous Lotus engine cars. All put together by 1964/65 and we had public interest almost equal to that of Grand Prix racing. In 1963 the first of the Ford Galaxies arrived and put an end to the dominance of Englands mighty Jaguars and the V8’s stayed with the later Mustangs and Falcons which dominated the boxing ring until the early seventies. The German BMW’s were late arrivals on the scene but when they arrived well… Trans Africa Racing
In South Africa the big Wilment Galaxie must have accounted for more than half the huge 9 Hour Kyalami crowds in 1963 and 1964. It raced against the fastest sports & GT and Saloon cars of the time. After winning the National title in 1965 it was parked by Bobby Olthoff after the Mustangs took over. At the 1974 SA Grand Prix at Kyalami early morning spectators were greeted by the sound of the 7 Litre motor as it came out of retirement and won the first historic racing event in South Africa.
Today we have a register of 20 racing V8’s in our Legends Series – famous cars which achieved milestone successes on the race tracks of the world have been re-created for South Africans – the red Galaxie of Olthoff (now raced by South African icon Sarel van der Merwe, the Richard Petty Plymouth, SA Multi champion Hennie Groenewald), the Jimmy Johnson 1958 Biscayne which won the Daytona 500 in 1959 (Mark du Toit), the 1957 Black Widow and 1964 Chev Nova of Jonathan du Toit, the infamous Smokey Yunick 1964 Chevelle, Keith Hinckleys 1965 Ford Thunderbolt (Leroy Poulter) the Mario Andretti Galaxie (Jaki Scheckter) and two similar Galaxies, the ‘yellow banana’ Ferdi van Niekerk Senior, Fred Philips in the white Fred Lorenson Galaxie, the SP Racing – Carel Pienaar, Ford Comet. Plus MJ Maurien Ford Fairlane, Studebaker Hawk and the Rayneke black Lark and some more and last but by no means least the mighty Mustangs of Franco Scribante, Ferdi van Niekerk junior, Thomas Falkiner, Brian Rowlings with two more in the pipeline. Just where in the world can a grid of this magnitude be put together with some of the biggest names of South African motor racing… and then… well the 2013 champion was won by the little blue Mini Cooper S of Colin Ritchie, a chip off the old block – Gavin Ritchie his dad won many a historic championship over the past 30 years.
There were mighty battles amongst the V8’s over the year, Franco’s Mustang, Jonathan’s Bel-Air/Nova, Jaki in the grey Galaxie but in the end a Mini won overall a magnificent achievement ably supported by another Mini Cooper of Stuart Greig.
In ZB MJ Maurien came to grips with the big Fairlane and won the class however the Alfa Guilia’s of Patrick Gearing & Trevor Tuck would have triumphed over this V8 had they entered more races. The Sprint GT’s took on the ZA cars but needed some rain to put these V8’s n their place. The biggest gallery of support in 2013 must surely belong to Denzil Bhana in his Zimbabwean Mini. He got the biggest shout but needed a wet surface to sort out the big cars.
In 2014 the regulations have been adjusted to prevent some of the big cars (not drivers) from setting times which will make them eligible as overall winners in Trans-Am. In ZA the restrictor plate, power to weight and new tyre rule will slow the cars to bring about ‘compatibility’ in performance Selected cars will be ‘benchmarked’ this will not only reduce costs but produce better racing.
number of ‘new’ cars should be making their appearance during the year which will certainly add interest to the series.

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3) Legends of the 2 Litre class (Pre 1966)

In Europe one of the fastest growing categories is the under 2 litre class of Legends Production Cars. For 2014 a special category within Legends has been established to cater for racing saloons which lap Zwartkops between 77.01 and 80 seconds, there are already a number of Alfa Guilia’s, Alfa GT’s, BMW, Renaults, Cortina’s and Minis who can compete competitively in this category. Let’s make this exciting class happen.

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4) The LITTLE Giants Legends and Sports & GT cars

In little over 18 months this group of Production and Sports & GT cars has produced not only exciting motor racing but also an impressive list of cars. Trans Africa Racing
In 2013 we had a joint overall champion with Marc Miller (Alfa Guilia) and Colin Ellison (Alfa Sprint and Alfa Ti) they fought neck and neck all season – but along came Larry Davies, Gino Allasio in Guilias, a GSM Dart or two getting in the way and in the end Franco Resca MGB. A little Mini Marcos also got to the front, but in the end was penalised and will probably have to move up to the Sports & GT category in future. For 2014 the competition up front will probably intensify as more cars and drivers move closer to the magical ’80.’ If exceeded, the car and driver will be promoted. Alan Poulter has just completed a magnificent Volvo 544, Trevor Tuck Alfa Ti, Cortina GT, Volvo P1800, Anglia 1640, Renault Gordini, it’s looking good.
‘LITTLE Giants’ is there to encourage icon cars of smaller capacity to compete on fairly equal terms and at the same time not to be threatened by big budget and big cars lapping these ‘smaller icons’ every few laps.
We must encourage as many as possible to go motor racing which, to them, is still affordable with racing cars they identify with. ‘LITTLE Giants’ fits the bill and may even lead to a further division of the ’90 plus category’ Austin A35’s, A40’s, Fiat Abarth, Lancia’s, standard Sports Cars such as MGA’s, Triumphs etc. all cars that achieved glory some fifty – sixty years ago.

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5) The Pre 1974 Series Trans-Am

“The cars that raced in USA between 1966 and 1974. The greatest production car series ever in the USA when Formula One, Indy car, NASCAR, European champions raced factory cars throughout the Americas, from 1966 to 1974” Metal-Used-Spares-and-Rebuilds
It was this series which inspired the South African icon Capri Perana, Chev Canam and Dodge Charger, Holden Manaro…
Our Trans-Am series was a little flat in 2013 as the focus shifted to the Legend saloons. For 2014 we have adjusted the regulations slightly to include all Pre 1974 production cars (as raced in the USA under 2 litre etc) and to allow non-controlled tyres (slicks) in classes outside TA1 (TA1 are on DOT tyres). Please refer sporting regulations 2014 – all classes are eligible for championship points. There are rumours of new cars joining the series, with a new Mustang and a very exciting AMC Javelin.

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6) Pre 1974 ISP – Sports Racing Protoypes

This category knows no limits when it comes to Pre 1974 sports racing cars. Internationally many of the Pre 1974 ISP cars have disappeared and are today museum pieces. There are a number of reasons for this – the value of these priceless cars, the cost of running the cars, and most of the new owners are extremely wary of actually racing them! In their day many of the ISP cars were faster than the Formula ones! We presently have a register of some 15 ISP cars in SA and whilst it is not always possible to get them all on the grid on the day they are there still on South African soil! Genie
A number of races are planned for ISP in 2014 – Zwartkops, Kyalami, Killarney and a combined event at Phakisa. Obviously there can never be a ISP race without the Le Mans GT classes for Porsches, MG Sebrings etc. Also included in these events are the group 5 Production saloons which raced in The 9 Hours in the Pre 1974 period.
It is an exciting category which probably ranks at the very pinnacle of South African historic racing. It is also an expensive category in which to compete but the profile is high and just to see these cars in action is a great privilege.
For 2014 there are some additions – Piet Bredenham with a Chevron B8, Peter Jenkins with a Chevron B19, Franco Scribante has acquired a Chevron B19, Pim Pieterse has a IMSA Audi Porsche 917 and Franco Scribante’s team may also be fielding another Porsche 917…
IN TEN YEARS THE Legends on the 9 Hour Series has assembled a register of over 170 cars. We appreciate the vision, investment of time and money and competitive motor racing that our members have brought to motor racing in South Africa – embracing the James Dean generation – ‘Passion for Speed’ From Teapot to the Lola

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Thanks to all our 2013 sponsors

Legends of the 9 Hour Metal-Used-Spares-and-Rebuilds Genie Trans Africa Racing

The 2014 International

We will have some 33 racing cars and motor cycles joining us at Zwartkops and Killarney Legends of the 9 Hour
Other than Lotus Challenge and Extreme SuperCars, all events will be non-championship however; the SA Tourist Trophy Pre 1966/68 Sports & GT will have, as with previous years a Tourist Trophy champion – both overall and on index.
There will be International competitors in Trans-Am, ISP, Legends Pre 66 Sports & GT and Single seaters.
The International regulations will be posted on the website by mid-December.
Sponsorships are becoming increasingly difficult to find, however for the International we would like to thank the following sponsors:
  • Castrol
  • SKF
  • Genie
  • Trans Africa Racing
Castrol Edge SKF Racing Genie Trans Africa Racing
Please refer to our website for the 2014 Technical and Sporting regulations And a BIG Thank you to the Legends of the 9 Hour committee and our technical consultants Brian Cook and Peter Frost.

Legends of the 9 Hour Racing Club

In order to help meet the expenses of our technical consultants who also assist with the HTPs’ it will be necessary to pay a moderate registration fee to the Legends of the 9 Hour racing club. R250 per car per year. This fee includes a club membership which is MSA affiliated club.


Sunday the 26th of January @ ZOC Clubhouse @ 12 Midday Family / casual day Lunch is included RSVP to Mel by Wednesday the 15th of January –

2014 Regulations

Please make sure that your vehicle complies with the 2014 Regulations. NO HTP for 2014 will be issued to non-compliant racing cars.

Technical committee for 2014

  • Brian Cook
  • Peter Frost
  • Third member TBA
“RICH Blessings to ALL Legends over the Christmas Season and a GREAT 2014. Shalom”
Pictures: Paul Blackburn and Deon Venter –

Race Results

Photographs of Historic Tour Event

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