Zwartkops Raceway


What is SuperHatch?

SuperHatch is a series backed by Zwartkops Raceway designed for people who want to race.

Essentially it offers a cost effective way to start your motor racing career.

The Spirit of SuperHatch
  • Competitive racing
  • Affordable racing
  • Spectator appeal
  • Competitor enjoyment
The Theory behind SuperHatch

SuperHatch is based on the power to weight theory. We run four power to weight classes. This means that it does not cost a fortune, nor does it limit you, to bring your car to spec.

The more power you have the more weight you run. That’s the simple SuperHatch formula. Only cars that run on road suspension are eligible to race.

A bolt in roll-cage and 4pt-harness is required.

SuperHatch Race Dates
Date   Track
17 February 2018 Midvaal Raceway
17 March 2018 Zwartkops Raceway
12 May 2018 Zwartkops Raceway
2 June 2018 Red Star Raceway
18 August 2018 Zwartkops Raceway
15 September 2018 Red Star Raceway
6 October 2018 Phakisa Freeway (Phakisa 200)
10 November 2018 Zwartkops Raceway