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BMW Driving Experience: Course Information 2013.

BMW Driving Experience is the only driver training programme which offers you the opportunity to expand your driving knowledge and learn to keep your vehicle superbly under control, in a variety of situations, using a BMW vehicle.

You will have an expert companion at your side while you push your driving skills to their very limits in a wide range of driving situations. By passing on their expertise in practical driving situations, our highly skilled instructors will ensure that participants learn as much as possible in the time allocated, as well as having a memorably enjoyable time.


BMW High Performance



Learn the theory of operating dynamics with information from the world of motorsport.
After completing a few laps under the guidance of an instructor, participants explore the optimum line around the bends on their own.
The Zwartkops Raceway Circuit is the ideal location for participants to practice techniques for perfecting a wide range of driving manoeuvres, with the aim of attaining a tidy, reproducible driving style along the ideal line. Vehicles Used BMW 328i Manual

Collision Avoidance & Skid Control.



Compare how a vehicle behaves with and without the assistance of safety systems offered by BMW including Dynamic Stability Control and ABS.
Learn the basic requirements for optimal vehicle control by adopting the correct seating position and steering technique. Learn to handle critical situations through emergency braking applications and targeted braking together with lightning – fast evasive action when confronted by an obstacle, to avoid an impending collision safely.
An Advanced High Performance course is also available as a full day program and comprises of the High Performance and Collision Avoidance & Skid Control Courses.

Hijack Prevention



The Hijack Prevention course comprises of a theory session which includes a powerful video and slide material. The aims is to inform the viewer of operational techniques and methods of hijackers and how best to avoid these situations.
Following this, participants will take part in a practical session on correct procedures when dealing with confrontational situations in and around your vehicle and your overall safety. No driving involved.

Defensive Driving



Gain a greater awareness of external factors which influence driving situations. Learn to identify road hazards and escape routes in order to place your vehicle in the safest possible position on the road.
By being systematically challenged to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, you will learn how to handle traffic situations more safely.

Combination Packages



BMW Driving Experience also offers a number of packages designed for specific needs.
Control package: Combination of Defensive Driving and Collision Avoidance & Skid Control.
Protect package: Combination of Defensive Driving and Hijack Prevention.
Safety package: Combination of Collision Avoidance & Skid Control and Hijack Prevention.

Course Prices

Call our office for available dates and times on 0861 BMWDRIVE (269 374).

Contact Details

Tel: +27 (0) 861 269 374 or 0861 BMWDRIVE
Fax: +27 (0)12 564 7716
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