ONE: For the training and development of driving skills under all conditions.
TWO: For the Community – Zwartkops International World of Motoring will stimulate life and business skills for all South Africans.
THREE: For the creation of new enterprises and employment opportunities.
FOUR: For the development of domestic talent and help to put South Africa on the forefront of Automotive Technology.
FIVE: A home for motorsport – competitors, sponsors and spectators.
SIX: For Participants – every day must be a challenge and a unique experience.
SEVEN: For commercial interest – a value added association.
EIGHT: For the owners to receive a fair return.
NINE: For employees and those who are involved in the stewardship of race meetings and driver development and employees, that they may experience a sense of achievement and pride of association.
TEN: For the empowerment of South Africans in skill and wealth creation.
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